What is the point of interviewing me? Gambaccini rages at Victoria Derbyshire in BBC row

Paul Gambaccini hits out at Victoria Derbyshire during interview

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Victoria Derbyshire asked Mr Gambaccini about his reasons for penning an open letter calling for the Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to be replaced in her role. As he gave his reasons, Mr Gambaccini, lost it with Derbyshire as he claimed she was defending the Met Police and didn’t care about his opinion.

Derbyshire began: “A group of people who say they have been victims of Metropolitan police corruption and malpractice have written an open letter calling for the Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to be replaced in her role.

The group of seven includes Stephen Lawrence’s mother, Baroness Lawrence, DJ Paul Gambaccini and Lady Brittan who is the the widow of the Conservative Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

In the letter they say, ‘Our individual experiences revery different but we have all been victims of incompetence and malpractice which pervades the leadership of the Metropolitan Police Service.’

“Well let’s talk to Paul Gambaccini now. thank you for talking to us. Tell us why you have signed this letter.”

Gambaccini replied: “I have signed this letter because I believe in its contents, it’s that simple.

“Each of us who was present at that five hour meeting I will never forget had thought originally we must be the only people in the world this is happening to because it’s so stupid, this is so obviously unjust.

“But by talking to each other either via telephone or on email, we came to notice similarities in our experiences and during the past few years we have become bound to one another even though we come from different walks of life and in a couple of cases, different political parties.

“We’ve all found that the leadership of the Metropolitan Police is breathtakingly corrupt and non honest. It covers up at all times. It is so shocking that the nation wants to know the full truth of the Stephen Lawrence case but Cressida Dick will not allow it.

“The nation now wants to know the full truth in the Daniel Morgan case and Cressida Dick will not allow it.”

Becoming irate, Gambaccini continued: “Well sorry Cressida, it’s time you started walking the long lonesome highway, you are like the Emperor of famous fable naked because we all know you have blocked the truth then been very economical with the truth in all of our cases.”

“Okay well the Met would certainly push back on your statement that they cover up,” Derbyshire cut in.

Gambaccini erupted: “Well of course they would because you always, at the BBC, you always…”

“Please let me speak Mr Gambaccini,” Derbyshire asked.

But he raged: “No, no, no. When I was last on your show you put up on your screen a statement from the CPS without telling me that you were going to do so.”

“May I speak?” Derbyshire asked again but Gambaccini lose it with the BBC News host.

He ranted: “What is the point of interviewing me if you are only going to give them airtime. This is ridiculous.

“All throughout the witch hunt the BBC was on the side of the wrongdoers and this will come out by the way. Don’t think that we are going to go away.

“We haven’t come for the BBC because we’re doing the Met now but in years to come, boy the truth about the BBC and complicity and the witch hunt, will be known.”

Derbyshire went on to ask Mr Gambaccini why he launched a campaign against Dick but it wasn’t long before he lost it with the host again.

Reading out a statement from the Home Office, Derbyshire said: “‘The appointment of the Metropolitan Police Service is a formal process which will be confirmed in the proper way.’

“The Mayor of London and the Metropolitan Police have declined to comment.”

“Ask why she blocked my case for three and a half years if you’re so eager to give their point of view,” Gambaccini exclaimed.

Derbyshire hit back: “Sorry I’m not eager to give anyone’s point of view. As you know my job as a journalist is to reflect the opinions, the statements of people who are not here to defend themselves when they are being criticised in the way that you have this morning.”

“Oh, why didn’t that happen with the BBC and Operation Midland?” Gambacinni shouted before his phone rang and interrupted him.

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