What Was Ashley Massaro's Net Worth at the Time of Her Death?

Ashley Massaro, a former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, and Survivor contestant passed away 10 days before her 40th birthday. She was also a self-described single mother and left behind an 18-year-old daughter. While officials have not released the cause of death, other reports claim it was an apparent suicide.

How did Ashley Massaro make her money?

Massaro was born on May 26, 1979, in New York City. She rose to fame when she won WWE’s “2005 RAW Diva Search.” The win also came with a year-long contract with the wrestling organization and $250,000.

She then went on to participate in several high profile matches, including Wrestlemania 23 and SmackDown! Even though Massaro proved to be a success in the WWE, she severed ties with the company in 2008. Massaro says she stepped down to care for her sick daughter.

In 2007, the former WWE star made her reality television debut on Survivor (China). Unfortunately, her fellow contestants voted her out on the second week following an altercation with Dave Cruser. Massaro is the fifth Survivor contestant to pass away.

Massaro appeared in Playboy, Maxim, and several other magazines. She also made guest appearances in music videos and television shows including Smallville.

In 2017, Massaro returned to professional wrestling by participating in Zero1 Professional Wrestling USA. Zero1 is an American professional wrestling promotions company.

Who has spoken out about the death of Ashley Massaro?

Massaro’s daughter, Alexa, paid tribute to her late mother on Instagram. She posted a picture of them at a red carpet event along with: “I wish I could have gotten more recent pictures.”

She also wrote, “I love you mommy I want to wake up in your arms more than anything I want to give u a big hug please come back this cant be real.”

“She was the happiest I have seen her in years, so stoked that people still cared about her 11 years after her career was over. There were no signs. There were no warnings.” Shelly Martinez, a friend to Massano, stated to The Blast.

What was Ashley Massaro’s net worth?

Massaro’s net worth at the time of her death was $2.5 million.

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