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ANNA Knight burst onto the Square in June 2023.

But who is the soap character and is she related to Bobby Beale? Here's everything you need to know.

Who is Anna Knight in EastEnders?

As mentioned above, Anna Knight, played by singer and actress Molly Rainford, arrived on the square back in June 2023 – and she wasn't the only new soap addition.

Arriving alongside Anna was the rest of the Knight family, including dad George (played by Colin Salmon) and sister Gina (played by Francesca Henry).

Upon landing on the square, Anna, along with the her family moved into The Queen Victoria to run the pub with George's partner Elaine Peacock and her daughter Linda Carter.

Very quickly after their arrival, questions and concerns about George's missing wife Rose began to circulate with Linda Carter speculating he may have hurt her.

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But in previous scenes of the London-based drama, George found out through Phil Mitchell that his wife and mother of his two daughters who abruptly walked out on them nine years ago was never really who she'd claimed to be.

Who is Anna's mother in EastEnders?

Earlier this year, Anna's mother was revealed to be EastEnders Villainess Cindy Beale (played by Michelle Collins).

Cindy was revealed as the mysterious Rose Knight in a dramatic France-set episode of the soap.

Viewers now know that after being sent to prison for trying to kill then husband Ian Beale, Cindy had her death faked to turn evidence on her gangster cellmate.

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The authorities then faked her death in childbirth and Cindy fled for a new life as Rose.

She later met George Knight, married him and had two daughters – Anna and Gina. 

Is Anna Knight related to Bobby Beale?

Anna Knight and Bobby Beale are not biologically related – however, the pair are in fact step siblings.

As mentioned above, Cindy was revealed to be Anna's mum, Rose Knight – but she is currently with her ex husband Ian Beale, who is Bobby's dad.

Cindy is is also the mother of Bobby's brother Peter and his siblings Steven and Lucy.

In August 2023, fans of the soap were left sickened as Bobby Beale made a move on step-sister Anna Knight.

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