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HOME and Away has introduced us to character's we know and love.

One of those characters is new girl Mercedes but you may be wondering who plays her – read more to find out.

Who is new girl Mercedes on Home and Away?

Mercedes was dubbed as "hell on wheels" when she joined Home and Away in May 2023.

If you haven't met Mercedes yet then read on with caution as this article contains spoilers.

Mercedes Da Silva arrived in town on her motorbike after being invited by Remi.

He was looking for a way to help Lyrik win the Battle of the Bands and win 20,000 Australian dollars (£10,441.10).

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Mercedes was a classically trained musician who knew Remi before the band's days in Summer Bay.

He thought her skills on the violin would give Lyrik's songs a new edge and win them the competition.

However, he didn't expect Mercedes to come between him and his girlfriend Bree.

Eden wasn't happy with Mercedes arrival explaining that she'd previously tried to steal Remi away to another band, meaning Eden hadn't trusted her since.

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Bree became concerned herself when she noticed a spark between Mercedes and Remi.

Remi reassured Bree but her jealously continued to grow as well as Remi and Mercedes shared love of music.

Bree later confronted Mercedes as her flirting became more obvious.

Instead of denying it, Mercedes admitted it was true.

Mercedes even made a cutting comment to her saying:

"And I have no idea what he’s doing with you."

However, Mercedes didn't go anywhere and secured the contact of a major music producer.

After some persuasion, the producer was persuaded to give Lyrik some studio time and the bands dream of recording an album was coming true.

After the first recording session, Mercedes stayed behind stating she wanted to re-record one of her tracks.

Remi agreed to stay behind with her and she decided to make a move.

Remi rejected Mercedes and whilst she refused to admit he wasn't interested, she soon went off the radar.

Remi decided not to tell Bree about the kiss, despite Eden advising against this.

However, a week later Remi had to go to Mercedes motel room to try and convince her to join them in the recording studio.

Mercedes had still hoped he was interested in her but Remi stated he was in love with Bree.

Mercedes refused to accept this.

However, she was persuaded to go to the recording studio, on the condition the conversation continued later that day.

Unfortunately, Bree decided to head to the studio to check on Remi and accidentally overheard Mercedes admitting to kissing Remi.

Remi explained to Bree he pushed Mercedes away but couldn't explain why he didn't tell her.

Bree then struggled with the fact Remi lied to her and nearly finished their relationship.

Bree ripped into Mercedes who showed no remorse for what she'd done.

However, Eden finally changed Mercedes mind when she hinted at the traumatic events the couple had been through at the beginning of the year, forming an unbreakable bond.

Mercedes accepted her defeat and decided to leave Summer Bay, despite Lyrik having one more recording session the next night.

However, Bree later asked Mercedes to reconsider her decision and record with the band one last time but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Bree later returned to the Lyrik house and reunited with Remi.

She was apologetic with him but stated she'd waited until after the last recording session before confronting Mercedes about the kiss.

However, Remi stated she shouldn't worry and that they could record without her.

The couple were shocked when Mercedes arrived the next day, stating she would perform with the band.

Bree thanked Mercedes for changing her mind.

Remi later thanked Mercedes for their last session, saying he would tell her about the album launch details but she stated she wouldn't be there.       

Mercedes announced it was time for her to move on and said goodbye.

Bree and Remi later found Mercedes motorcycle helmet in the kitchen with a note attached stating she was going to Europe and had left Remi her prised motorbike to look after whilst she was away.

Who plays Mercedes Home and Away 2023?

Amali Golden played Mercedes on the show.

She was born in Sydney, Australia, June 2 1988.

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She's known for starring in Love and Monsters, Black Water: Abyss, Thor: Ragnarok and Bloom.

It's unknown if she'll ever return to the show as Mercedes.

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