Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Jeremy Clarkson slams contestant after Richard Nixon gaffe

Jeremy Clarkson is known for giving hilarious criticisms of his contestants on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and tonight was no different. The Grand Tour host welcomed Richard Fisher on to the ITV quiz and he faced a tough battle. 

While fighting for £16,000, the contestant was asked which journalist famously bagged three interviews with President Richard Nixon in 1977.

Jeremy offered four answers, which were: “John Humphrys, Michael Parkinson, David Frost, or Trevor McDonald.”

Richard didn’t seem to recall the correct name, but had a strong feeling it was D, Trevor. 

However, while he wasn’t 100 per cent certain, the contestant instead opted to ask the host.

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As the lights changed colour, Jeremy laughed: “I think it would be silly if I pretended to the audience I didn’t know…”

He went on to ask Richard if he had heard of the film Frost/Nixon, which focussed on the compelling interviews. 

Jeremy added: “It is David Frost, famously. 

“He got those three interviews with Richard Nixon and in the last one he finally confessed all about Watergate. 

“There’s no doubt in my mind and that’s my final answer.”

When the focus was back on Richard, he surprisingly added: “Having thought about it, I’ve seen that film.”

Jeremy looked completely baffled by his guest’s outburst and joked: “You’ve just said that out loud on national television.”

Thankfully, Richard chose to take the presenter’s advice and chose to go with David Frost, the correct answer.


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At the end of his round, Richard took home £16,000, but that didn’t stop viewers from complaining about the Frost/Nixon blunder.

One fan wrote: “Here’s a hint… the film on it WAS in your lifetime, you mug… Frost/Nixon.”

A second added: “I wasn’t born in 1977 either but I know it is David Frost! #whowantstobeamillionaire.”

A third complained: “To have seen Frost Nixon, and still not know the answer, that is quite something #whowantstobeamillionaire.”


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A fourth raged: “How does someone who seen the Frost/Nixon film NOT know the answer to that question??! #whowantstobeamillionaire.”

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? continues Sunday at 8pm on ITV. 

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