Why does it matter?’ Huge row EXPLODES as Adil Ray loses it with Paul Scully MP

GMB: Adil Ray clashes with Paul Scully over PM’s face mask

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Good Morning Britain was hosted by Adil Ray and Susanna Reid on Monday morning and the pair welcomed MP Paul Scully onto the programme. They discussed several issues, but one topic caused a row between Ray and Scully. The MP insisted it was “common sense” to wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces, but took issue when the ITV programme showed a photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson not wearing a mask on a train. Ray blasted Scully as the Conservative MP suggested he needed more context with the picture.

“What was he doing at that point when he took it off?” Ray asked the politician.

Scully replied: “I don’t know. Adil, you’ve shown me a single photo. I don’t know,

“But that’s sort of what newspapers are there to do, to take photos of people, to put them in there, to write a headline and get people to buy their papers,” he commented.

Ray replied: “You’re saying it’s the newspapers’ fault that Boris Johnson was photographed without a mask on a body train.”

“It was the newspaper that photographed them,” Scully said.

Ray fumed: “But, it’s not their fault. I don’t think it was the newspapers, it could have been somebody on the train, I don’t know who it was.

“I don’t know whether he had press following him,” the presenter remarked.

Scully hit back: “So, you don’t know. So, basically, you don’t even know. What I’m saying is you’ve shown me a single snapshot of the Prime Minister, I don’t know the context.”

However, Ray continued to press the politician: “But, you’re the one who just told me it was common sense.

“You just said use your common sense and I’ve shown you an example of the most important person in this country, who’s leading us, who hasn’t shown common sense. Why?” He asked.

“I don’t know the context of that single snapshot,” Scully said.

Ray raged: “The context is he’s on a train and we’re in a pandemic. I’ve given you the context.

“We’re in a pandemic, he’s on a train. How much more context do you need?” The presenter questioned.

“You didn’t give me the context, you just told me ‘I don’t know’ you don’t know who took it, you don’t know where it was,” Scully insisted.

Ray blasted the politician once again: “It doesn’t matter who took it! Why does it matter? Why does it matter?

“Seriously, why does it matter who took it? The photo is there,” he said.

“Of course it matters,” Scully hit back.

He went on to reiterate that people should be wearing masks in crowded indoor areas.

Scully said: “The Prime Minister still maintains the fact, as we all do, that if you’re in a busy spot if you’ve got a lot of people around you, you should be wearing a mask out of respect for other people.

“But, it’s down to you. We’re not legislating for it. We’re learning to live with Covid,” he added.

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