Will Mellor SLAMS Inside Dubai – despite getting paid to do the voiceover on show

CORONATION Street star Will Mellor has slammed BBC Two show Inside Dubai: Playground Of The Rich, despite doing the voiceover on the show.

The soap actor was paid to narrate the new docu-series, which follows the Middle Eastern city's glamorous locals, expats and tourists.

Viewers of the BBC Two show were left disgusted on Monday, admitting they "switched it off" as they were upset by the extreme displays of wealth.

Will, 45, who plays Harvey Gaskell in the ITV soap, took to Twitter to agree with disgruntled fans as he slammed the programme as "horrible".

Celebrating recording the voiceover to the show, the former Hollyoaks star wrote: "Really enjoyed doing the VO for this. Proper eye opener."

His fans immediately flooded in to reply, with many of them praising Will for getting involved and raising awareness for Dubai's wealth divide.

However, one lashed out about an "awful" moment in the show which saw domestic worker Hazel unable to fly home to see her son.

Instead of defending the programme, Will chimed in: "Horrible to see how much wealth is being thrown around and yet there are people really struggling."

As a second person lashed out at the actor's involvement in the series, he continued: "Me doing a VO doesn’t mean I agree with all the content!"

"I'm actually glad I’m letting people know what goes on," he continued, reminding his Twitter followers that recording voiceovers was part of "his job".

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Monday's episode of Inside Dubai introduced fans to a woman with a £4milllion wardrobe and a teenage billionaire whose hobby is wrapping luxury cars.

Elsewhere, Abu Sabah – an Indian expat worth £1.4billion – was introduced as the man who owns the world's most expensive number plate.

He is the owner of and chairperson of Property Development Firm Raj Sahni Group (RSG Group of Companies), which is one of the most profitable companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Abu entered the world of business at the age of 18 and admitted he grew up wealthy and that his dad was a "very rich man".

He has achieved his ultimate goal after he bought himself the world’s most expensive number plate for a cool £6.8 million.

Viewers watching complained about the display of riches and how it highlighted the inequality between the wealthy and the poor.

"Watch and be horrified…." warned one viewer on Twitter, as a second agred: "No thanks. Tasteless. Classless. Pointless. Obscene."

Another scathed: "Many of the things which are fundamentally wrong with the world are visible in Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich on BBC Two."

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