WWE's Sonya Deville Helps Change A Life On New Quibi Show

On the new Quibi series, Fight Like A Girl, WWE superstars team up with people in need of some change in their lives. The short-form series features some familiar faces like Alexa Bliss, the Bella Twins, and Sonya Deville.

In a time of uncertainty, everyone needs a little positivity, motivation to keep chugging along, and changes in our routines to become better people during a scary situation. And while Deville is currently involved in a very dramatic storyline with Mandy Rose on WWE’s Smackdown–as their friendship is on the rocks–Deville in real life is passionate about changing people’s lives for the better.


Deville knows that she and her peers in WWE have a daily impact on people’s lives, and she’s taking that impact one step further on Fight Like A Girl. “We have a platform that we’re blessed with at WWE where we can have a positive influence on the world through social media and through our weekly television series,” Deville told GameSpot. “But it’s really cool to break that down on a more personal level and kind of talk to a fan one-on-one who’s experiencing something, and hopefully, you can help push them through. And with my girl Samantha [the woman Deville worked with in her episode], that was exactly what we were able to do. And it was just such a rewarding experience for me, hopefully as it was for her.”

Deville wants and hopes that she can lead people–not just Samantha–down a positive path, and she really embraced the idea of the series, as she stated it was “right up her alley.” And while the mentorship between Deville and Samantha all happened on camera, they still keep in contact with each other. “When we filmed the final piece of the episode, I gave her my email address and so we email back and forth every once in a while,” explained Deville. “Obviously, after the episode, I told her I was proud of her, and I’m just so happy how far she’s come. To see the girl she was on day one and look at what she was on the last day of filming, it’s really special and not everybody gets to experience something like that. So I’m blessed to be a part of that journey and she’s really affected my life in so many positive ways.”

Fight Like a Girl is available now on the streaming service Quibi. For more information of the service, check out everything you need to know about Quibi, along with a breakdown and a review of the service.

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