Young Sheldon Ends on Georgie/Mandy Cliffhanger! But Did Big Bang Prequel Already Spoil Outcome in Season 1?

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Season 6, Episode 17 of CBS’ Young Sheldon.

Big Bang Theory Easter Eggs on Young Sheldon

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Thursday’s Young Sheldon marked Georgie’s 18th birthday — and a major turning point in his relationship with Mandy.

After breaking things off with Amber, Sheldon’s older brother returned home to his baby mama and their adorable daughter. Constance’s ‘rents shared a kiss, then Georgie suggested there was something Mandy could do to make his birthday even more special.

“Marry me,” he said.

The proposal was intended as a cliffhanger, but the Big Bang Theory prequel already teased the likely outcome more than five years ago — long before the character of Mandy was conceived. In Season 1, Episode 12, “A Computer, a Plastic Pony and a Case of Beer,” George bet his son $1,000 that he’d be married before he’s 25. After accepting Dad’s bet, our narrator chimed in to say that “Georgie married his first wife at 19.” This suggests that there might be a wedding next year, during Young Sheldon‘s seventh (and final?) season.

Unfortunately, a wedding doesn’t mean that Georgie and Mandy are endgame. As you might have noticed, Sheldon said his older brother married his first wife at 19 — and when Shelly won the Nobel Prize in physics in Big Bang‘s series finale, he received congratulatory texts from Georgie’s ex-wife… and Georgie’s other ex-wife. This suggests that Georgie marries and divorces twice, between 1994 and 2019.

Now for the other elephant for the room: Thursday’s episode took place during 13-year-old Sheldon’s spring break — which, according to Big Bang, is when the boy genius walks in on his father having sex with another woman. But alas, the fateful event did not transpire this week. There’s still a chance something happens in the following episode, airing Thursday, April 27 and picking up right where we left off with Georgie and Mandy, but Mary and Brenda burying the hatchet suggests that it won’t happen. We’ll see!

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