‘You’re kidding!’ Ben Hillman stunned by A Place in the Sun u-turn ‘What’s going on?’

A Place in the Sun: Ben left shocked by couple’s decision

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A Place in the Sun took a trip to the Spanish town of Liria in a recent episode of the Channel 4 property show. Presenter Ben Hillman attempted to help Michael and Helen from Shropshire find their dream home in Spain. Armed with a budget of £125,000 Ben guided the house hunters around a range of properties. However, he got a shock when they suddenly flipped their opinion of one house that seemed to tick all their boxes.

The couple made it clear they were looking for a permanent home in Spain with room for their family to visit.

“We’ve got five grandchildren,” Helen told Ben, insisting they’d need at least two or three bedrooms.

The house hunters also requested some outdoor space where they could do some gardening.

Ben confessed it could be a challenge to find something that fit all their needs on a budget of just £125,000.

The property expert struggled to impress Michael and Helen with the first two properties he showed them.

However, the mood soon changed when they arrived at property number three.

“Oh wow,” Helen and Michael exclaimed in unison as they saw the third property for the first time.

Standing outside, they admired the gate and long driveway leading up to the house.

“I think you’ve surpassed yourself this time,” Michael told Ben, suggesting this could be the perfect fit.

“Orange tree there. Fresh orange juice in the morning,” he added, imagining what life would be like at the property.

Ben amazed the couple when he informed them the villa was priced well under their budget at around £112,000.

As Michael and Helen ventured inside, they discovered they liked the house even more than they first thought.

The property boasted five bedrooms, an open plan living and dining area, a swimming pool, a terrace, and a garden.

“I’m getting excited,” Michael confessed as he looked around the living room.

“Are you feeling positive still about this?” Ben asked.

“Yes, I’m itching to go and look at the other rooms,” Michael remarked.

Ben left the couple to view the rest of the property on their own and later met them outside for a catch-up.

Eager to know their final thoughts on the villa, Ben asked: “How was it?”

“Mick was very excited,” Helen said, with her husband agreeing: “I was very excited. I just like the place, I really do.”

Thrilled to see how much Michael loved the property, Ben asked: “Is it a contender?”

However, he was left stunned when Helen replied: “No.”

Ben exclaimed: “You’re kidding! Hang on a minute. Who’s calling the shots here?”

“Helen, what’s this all about? You are ruling this out, not Mick?” the presenter asked.

Helen explained: “Well, we’ve discussed it a little bit and it still needs quite a lot of work doing.

“So, even though it’s below budget, maybe we need to think about upping the budget a bit to get something that we don’t need much work doing to,” she added.

“Let’s stretch that budget and see what it gets you,” Ben said.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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