$2M Powerball ticket sold at ‘lucky’ Bronx liquor store

The Bronx is bragging!

Some lucky individual is $2 million richer after buying a winning Powerball ticket at Melrose Wine & Liquor.

The mystery millionaire has yet to come forward, but the folks at the Melrose Avenue liquor store were raising a glass to beginner’s luck Saturday. The store opened in July and has been selling lottery tickets since October.

Co-owner Jason Tirado, 38, was pumped that the store sold the golden ticket, but bummed when he realized Melrose won’t get a piece of the Powerball pie because it’s not the jackpot.

“I was like holy s–it man…But it is what it is. Obviously, there’s good things that come from it. There’s press and of course when people start seeing that someone won here, they’re gonna want to get their tickets from here.”

Lamented store partner Jaime Jiminez: “I should’ve played… Hopefully the winner comes by.”

Melrose resident Sergio Quinones, 71, crowed, “The place is a lucky store. I’ve been here 24 years, but this is the first time winning on this street.”

The winning digits Wednesday were 08, 27, 44, 51 and 61; the Powerball was 14, the PowerPlay multiplier was 03. The winning ducat matched five out of five winning numbers, not including the Powerball.

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