Aliens DO exist and we are not alone in the universe, says Britain’s former top spook – The Sun

THE former-head of MI6 has stated that he believes aliens exist – a view that's supported by more than half of Britain.

Sir John Sawers, 64, is certain extraterrestrials are out there due to the infinite size of the universe.

The Warwick-born ex-spy said it would be "extraordinary" if life only existed on earth and is adamant that we can't be alone.

He was the Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service from 2009 until 2014.

Sir John told the Daily Star: "I think it would be extraordinary if in an infinite solar system that planet Earth was unique.

“I think we should go forward on the assumption that nothing on this planet is unique."


Around 52 per cent of Brits believed intelligent life exists elsewhere in the solar system, according to a YouGov survey in 2015.

We fell below 56 per cent of Germans and 54 per cent Americans.

Brits over the age of 60 were found to be more skeptical of extraterrestrials existence with 45 per cent not sharing the belief.

Whereas a whopping 59 per cent of 18-24-year-olds did.


A smaller number of us also think that humans are not technologically advanced enough to communicate with aliens.

Meanwhile a fifth of Brits believe the government have covered up dealings with beings from outer space.

Sawers claims came just over a month after astronomers discovered a planet where life could have existed.


Water was spotted in the atmosphere of K2-18b, a planet two times the size of earth, scientific journal Nature Astronomy wrote.

It's located within a safe distance of a star and around 111 light years away, or 650 million million miles away, from earth.

K2-18b is too far away to send a probe but in 10 years it's hoped that telescopes will be able to see more of it.

Then they will look for gases that could support an atmosphere for living organisms.

The search for extra-terrestrial life is the most exciting quest in 21st-century science

Professor Stephen Hawking was among believers and before his death in March 2018 backed a new project to track them down.

The Breakthrough Initiative aims to discover if we are alone, if there are other habitable worlds out there and if so, how can we get there.

Earth circles one star among of hundreds of billions in a galaxy that is among hundreds of billions others, in a possibly infinite universe, they wrote.

Prof. Hawking called the search for extraterrestrial life "the most exciting quest in 21st century science".


In June, over 1.2 million people expressed interest in a Facebook event to "Storm Area 51" all with the hope to "see some aliens".

But only 75 people showed up for it in September amid warnings from the US military to stay away.

They claimed to use the site to test combat aircrafts and train personnel.

A spokesperson said at the time that their forces would be willing to use "lethal force" if necessary.

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