Alleged murder-for-hire NYPD cop cries in court as she is fired from force

The NYPD cop charged with hiring a hit man to kill her estranged husband bawled like a baby in court on Friday — as her lawyer revealed she’s been fired from the force over the sick plot.

Trading her NYPD uniform and badge for a navy jumpsuit and handcuffs, Valerie Cincinelli pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder-for-hire and one count of obstruction of justice through her lawyer, James Kousouros.

“This is taking a tremendous toll on an innocent woman,” Kousouros told reporters outside the federal courthouse in Central Islip. “She misses her children by all accounts. She’s a wonderful mother, has always taken care of her children.”

Cincinelli, who was 12-year veteran of the NYPD, is accused of enlisting her boyfriend John DiRubba to pay someone $7,000 to murder her estranged hubby, Isaiah Carvalho, as well as DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter.

The mom of two allegedly tried to cover her tracks by smashing her iPhones but was nabbed May 17 — thanks to turncoat DiRubba, 54, who agreed to wear a wire for the feds.

Carvalho sued Cincinelli for divorce last year and was fighting her for custody of their two kids, ages 5 and 9.

Kousouros tried to paint his client as the true victim, saying she “has gone through absolute hell over the last two weeks.”

Cincinelli is being held without bail, and a judge on Friday said the issue would be taken up at a later date.

She was greeted in court by a small group of family members, who declined comment.

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