Amber Gibson's final moments before brother assaulted and murdered her

Timeline of tragic Amber Gibson’s final moments before brother Connor sexually assaulted and murdered her

Amber Gibson’s life was tragically cut short by her own brother, who sexually assaulted and then strangled her to death.

The 16-year-old was led to a woodland on the outskirts of Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland by her brother Connor Gibson before he attempted to rape her.

Connor tore away his little sister’s clothes, before sexually assaulting her. He then repeatedly caused blunt-force trauma to her head before strangling her.

The siblings spent their lives in foster care together, after escaping their violent father who would savagely beat their mother black and blue.

Connor said to foster parents Carol and Craig Niven ‘We are safe’, when he and his sister were placed in their care at the ages of five and three. For Amber, that safety was short-lived.

Read on for the timeline of Amber’s final moments.

A timeline detailing the events which led up to Amber Gibson’s (pictured in hat on left) death. She had been ‘excited’ to meet up with her older brother Connor Gibson (pictured in glasses on right) who she lived apart from

Amber’s (pictured) last communication was to a friend. She sent them a selfie captioned ‘my big bro’ at 9.51pm on November 26 before her brother murdered her in Hamilton park

Connor Gibson (pictured) was called a ‘disgusting human’ by peers who revealed he once ‘threatened to rip’ an unborn baby from the womb of a pregnant student

Friday, November 26, 2021


Excited to see her brother. Amber messaged a friend a selfie via Snapchat captioned ‘my big bro’. 

The two did not live together, with Amber living at the Hillhouse children’s home and Connor staying at the Blue Triangle homless hostel in Hamilton.

The Snapchat selfie was the last time anyone heard from her.


CCTV showing the siblings walking on Cadzcow Street, shortly before Connor took his little sister’s own life and left her body in Cadzcow Glen Park

CCTV shows Amber and her murderer walking side by side on Cadzcow Street in Hamilton, South Lankashire. 

Only two minutes later, CCTV captured an image of the pair again on a nearby bridge, shortly before Amber’s life was mercilessly taken.


Connor murdered his sister in the nearby park of blank. 

After Connor murdered his sister  this he was seen walking alone along a bridge in Hamilton at 11.42pm. He was then seen again at 11.44pm by CCTV on a nearby street.


Mr Gibson can be seen slumping against a fence for a few seconds on a darkened pavement.

Saturday, 27 November  


Evidence found on a phone where Connor was living sent a message into a Snapchat group with five other people.

The message said:  ‘I’m really going to need you guys help with something when yous come back. I’m being serious.’

A message was sent to Amber 40 seconds later via the app. It read: Are you ok?’


At 11.44pm Connor was seen walking along on a street in Hamilton after murdering and sexually assaulting his sister Amber

Seven minutes later at 11.51pm Connor was pictured slumping against a fence on a darkened pavement by CCTV. He told a project worker that he had an argument with his sister when he arrived at the hostel

Connor came back to his hostel in the early hours of the morning and went into an office.

Project workers Suzanne Duddy said he looked like he had ‘fallen into a ditch’.

She said: ‘He looked very dishevelled, out of breath. His hands were very, very dirty up to his wrist. I asked was he okay, but he did not answer.’

He later told Ms Duddy that he had fallen out with his sister and wanted to use the phone to check she had returned back to her care home safely. 

He then tried to dispose of evidence connecting him to his sister’s murder. He changed his clothes threw away his shorts and t-shirt. 


The user of the phone found in Connor’s residence sent another message to the Snapchat group which said: ‘nvm (never mind) it’s all good.’ 

Unknown time between late Friday and Sunday

During the two days following Amber’s murder her body was discovered in the southeast Glasgow woodland by Stephen Corrigan, 45.

But instead of contacting  police he inappropriately touched and then hid Amber’s body.

Corrigan, was found guilty of attempting to defeat the ends of justice and breach of the peace 

Corrigan is not said to be known to Connor according to the court. 

The police scene at Cadzow Glen park in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.  The body of Amber Gibson was discovered here at around 10.10am 

Sunday, November 28

Around 10.10am

Amber Gibson’s body was discovered in Cadzow Glen, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

A large area of the park was cordoned off by police and Cadzow Street was closed by police.

Monday morning, November 29

Police confirmed the body found was that of Amber Gisbon. 

Chief Inspector Briony Daye stated: At this time, our thoughts are very much with Amber’s loved ones as they come to terms with the terrible loss’

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