Anne Heche talks being 'canceled' after Ellen in podcast before death

Nostalgic Anne Heche says Six Days Seven Nights with ‘dreamboat’ Harrison Ford was her favorite movie and laments being blacklisted after doomed Ellen romance in podcast recorded before her death

  • Heche was interviewed by the Behind The Rope podcast in January this year
  • The episode was released on Tuesday as a tribute to the actress who died last week after crashing her car in a drug-fueled accident
  • She told the host that her movie with Harrison was her favorite of her career and that they ‘loved working together’ 
  • Harrison fought for Heche to keep the role after she was blacklisted by Hollywood for her lesbian romance with Ellen De Generes
  • She spent ten years taking ‘Lifetime and Hallmark’ roles afterwards because she said the studios did not accept her sexuality
  • Heche died aged 53 on Friday, a week after crashing her car into a home in L.A. 

A nostalgic Anne Heche reflected on working with ‘dreamboat’ Harrison Ford on Six Days Seven Nights and revealed it was the most treasured project of her career in a podcast recorded in January, seven months before her death. 

Heche, 53, was killed by a brutal car accident in Los Angeles. The actress died in the hospital with severe burns to her lungs, days after plowing her Mini into a stranger’s home at terrifying speed while high on drugs. 

It was a sad end to the life of a woman once considered one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. 

Today, a podcast that she recorded seven months ago has become public and video snippets of the hour-long interview have also been released. 

They show Heche in high spirits, talking animatedly about her career and her personal life. 

Anne Heche was interviewed by the podcast Behind The Velvet Rope in January this year, seven months before her death 

Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in the 1998 hit movie Six Days Seven Nights

When asked by interviewer David Yontef what her favorite movie to work on was, she replied instantly: ‘There isn’t a more favorite movie of mine than Six days Seven Nights with Harrison Ford.

‘It is, you know, he’s the dreamboat to probably I don’t know how many generations of women who certainly he’d be the apple of their eye, but also men love Harrison Ford and look up to him.

‘He’s the strong one, he’s the sexy one, he’s the dude that they all want to be. 

‘So it’s very difficult for me to not have that be my favorite film. He and I got along so well we loved working with each other.’

The 1998 movie was an immediate hit and was one of the few in which she starred after taking Ellen De Generes to the premiere of Volcano as her girlfriend. 

Heche has long claimed that studio executives blacklisted her for being so overt with her sexuality. 

She has, in the past, told of how they threatened to renege on her deal to star alongside Ford in retaliation for it. 

In a 2020 interview with People, she said it was Ford who stepped in and saved her part. 

‘I would not have gotten that movie. He called me the day after they said I wasn’t gonna get it, because I took Ellen to the [Volcano] premiere, and Harrison Ford, he was a hero.

‘He said, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn who you’re sleeping with. We’re gonna make the best romantic comedy there is, and I’ll see ya on the set.”  

Heche said of Ford: ‘So it’s very difficult for me to not have that be my favorite film. He and I got along so well we loved working with each other.’ She previously called him her ‘hero’

Heche was animated throughout the hour-long interview. She talked about her career and her love of acting, as well as some of her doomed romances 

Heche also spoke about being blacklisted by Hollywood after coming out as bisexual with her romance with Ellen De Generes. She said she struggled to get studio roles for ten years as a result 

‘He’s one of my heroes. He fought a battle for me, and I would be on any desert island with him any day. He’s an extraordinary human being,’ she said at the time. 

While Ford saved her part in their film, she was blacklisted from others as a result of the Ellen romance. 

In the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast published on Tuesday, she talked about being ‘canceled’ for ten years by the industry. 

‘I was blacklisted from Hollywood, I went through a very difficult time not doing studio movies after I took Ellen to the premiere of Volcano and kind of aiming toward being back in studio pictures, it took ten years for me to be back in the studio system again and during that time I blessed Lifetime, I blessed Hallmark Hall of Fame.

‘These companies kept food on my table and kept me doing the thing that I love to do. Were they the best movies? Not all of them. But again, the opportunity to be an actress and make your living doing that, it’s not the easiest thing so I am very grateful for them.

A photo before the August 5 crash shows Heche moments before the second accident at the wheel with a bottle of vodka in the cup holder

‘I was the original canceled. It came from a place that of the number one thing that I wanted in my life. I wanted to stand up for love, I felt that people should tell the truth about who they are, I think we really deserved to be in a love society that was gender free. What that did was have a colossal effect on my life.

‘For me, the trade off, I would pick my route any day of the week. I was the original canceled and the original uncanceled. Let’s uncancel ourselves.’ 

Heche and De Generes split in 2000. She said in previous interviews that they parted ways because ‘her goal was to have a lot of money.’.

‘Mine was to find love, and hers was, “I want $60 billion,” ‘ Heche said. ‘Good, good luck; our forks are never going to meet.’ 

De Generes was among those to pay tribute to the actress last week, saying it was a ‘sad day’ and that her thoughts were with her sons. 

In her podcast interview, Heche gave De Generes credit for ‘moving the needle’ by coming out. 

‘Ellen deserves the position she deserves. She did not have warriors on her side other than me. We were each other’s army and that has been erased from history but it was true.  She didn’t have a lot of people standing up for her or with her.’ 

Elsewhere in the newly released podcast, Heche revealed that she would want either Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell to play her in a movie about her life.

‘The two of them share a personality ability to face the world the way that I would want, that I feel like I have and would want portrayed.’

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