Baby elephant tries to wake up its dead mother in India

Wake up mom! The heartbreaking moment a baby elephant tries to wake up its mother which collapsed and died after wandering into village

  • The injured elephant and her calf strayed into Hiran village in Odisha on April 7
  • For six weeks the villagers and vets hired by forest rangers tried to save her
  • After she died the innocent calf was seen trying to wake its mother up  

This is heart-wrenching moment a baby elephant is seen trying to wake up its dead mother in eastern Indian state of Odisha.

The ailing mother elephant with its calf in tow had strayed into Hiran village, adjoining Khalasuni jungle in the Deogarh district on April 7.

Initially, the villagers took care of the elephant and its calf, providing them food, water and applying herbal medicine on the wounds on her right leg and forehead.

The injured mother elephant and her young calf strayed into Hiran village in Odisha on April 7

The baby elephant was filmed trying to wake up its mother who died of wound injuries in eastern India

They informed the forest rangers about the presence of the female and its calf in their village.

According to the villagers, the elephant had apparently broken its right leg, likely from falling into a pit. She also had a wound on her forehead.

For the first few days, the limping elephant was somehow able to move around on its own.

But as the wound become worsened, she collapsed on the ground and was unable to stand on her feet again.

The villagers (pictured) and veterinary doctors were unable to save the mother elephant, who sustained a broken leg after she fell into a ditch 

Over the last six weeks, the elephant underwent treatment in the village from vet veterinary doctors assigned by forest rangers. 

But although they tried their best to cure the elephant, they were unable to save the mother’s life.

The baby elephant, unaware of the fact that its mother had died, could be seen innocently trying to wake her up.

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