Beverly Hills residents sent anti-Semitic flyers on first day of Hanukkah

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Multiple Beverly Hills residents woke up on the first day of Hanukkah to find anti-Semitic flyers on their front yard, police said. 

Beverly Hills police received a call around 6 a.m. from a resident who said they had found a flyer containing “hate speech.” 

A man lights up the candles of a menorah for Hanukkah

Officers and public works personnel canvassed the area and found that several other homes, spanning several blocks in the northeast area of Beverly Hills, had also been targeted. 

Police said the flyers were a single 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper enclosed in plastic bags with rice for weight. Written on these flyers were “propaganda style hate speech related to the COVID pandemic and the Jewish people,” police said.  

Beverly Hills City Councilmember John A. Mirisch posted a photo of the alleged flyer on his Twitter account. 

At the top of the flyer was written: “Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.” Beneath that were listed 15 names of prominent people with Jewish ancestry working in finance and health. It suggested that Jews have a vested interest in the COVID-19 pandemic through their supposed control of finance and the media. 

“We’re literally shabbos goy carrying out the will of the Jews, wittingly or unwittingly,” the flyer said. 

“Shabbos goy” is a term used to refer to non-Jews employed by Orthodox Jews to perform certain services that are forbidden on the Sabbath. 

Beverly Hills police has not confirmed that the flyer posted by Mirisch is the same flyer delivered to multiple homes on Sunday. 

As the flyers come on the first day of Hanukkah, the department said it will be providing additional patrols throughout the city to ensure a safe holiday season. 

A Beverly Hills police cruiser. 
(Beverly Hills Police Department)

News of the flyers has unsettled the Jewish community in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. 

“As the Jewish community begins to celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, it’s deeply troubling that we continue to see expressions of true hate and ignorance,” Jay Sanderson, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, told Fox News in a statement. “We must all stand up to this antisemitism decisively.” 

Rabbi Yosef Cunin, Director of Chabad of California, said the flyers were a “setback” to what the Jewish community has come to expect from the United States, but has vowed to soldier on. 

Rabbi Yosef Cunin in front of Beverly Hills City Hall. 
(Rabbi Yosef Cunin)

“We’re going to move forward and we’re going to support the local law enforcement and everyone else who can come forward to protect all minorities of all backgrounds, of every race and color and creed.” 

The Beverly Hills Jewish Community Synagogue will be lighting a candle in front of Beverly Hills later Sunday afternoon to commemorate the beginning of Hanukkah. 

“The idea of the candle is pushing away negativity,” Cunin said. “And the only way you can get rid of negativity is bringing more positivity into the world.”  

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