Brannigans crisps selling for £3 a pack on eBay after KP axe brand

Now they cost a packet! Brannigans crisps are being sold for £3 a pack on eBay after KP announced it was axing popular brand

  • Brannigans crisps have been discontinued by Slough-based company KP Snacks
  • Fans mourning the loss of the snacks are buying the last available packets online
  • Some are selling on eBay for up to £3 per packet, despite being past sell by date

Crisp fans are racing to get their hands on the final Brannigans crisps in circulation after KP axed the brand – with some selling online for up to £3 per pack.   

Brannigans, which were famous for their eye watering flavours, has been discontinued due to ‘falling demand’.  

Desperate fans are eyeing up one last taste of the snack, with many listing them for sale on online shopping sites like eBay.

One listing selling a five pack for £14.99 is attracting views despite the crisps reaching their sell-by date today.   

Desperate fans are  trying to get their hands on the final packets in circulation. This eBay listing was selling packets for £3 a pop, despite the crisps reaching their sell-by date today

KP Snacks said it had taken the ‘difficult decision,’ to discontinue Brannigans crisps amid dwindling sales

Brannigans crisps have been on British shelves since the 1980s, but flavours were cut down to just two options in 2000 –  roast beef and mustard or ham and pickle.

The decision was announced earlier this week by Slough-based KP Snacks, which also produces nuts and top brands such as McCoy’s, Hula Hoops and Space Raiders.

A KP Snacks spokesperson commented: ‘We continually review our product range to make sure that it meets the demands of all our consumers and I can confirm that we have recently taken the difficult decision to discontinue Brannigans.’

The company had previously told Eater London: ‘Whilst this product had been cited as a fond favourite, its popularity had regrettably not been shown in consumer demand. 

‘In fact, sales of this product had for some time been in a downward trend. 

‘Demand from stockists had correspondingly declined. Therefore, sadly, production was no longer commercially viable and the product had to be discontinued. We have no plans in producing these again in the near future.’ 

Mourning their loss, one fan wrote: ‘RIP ham and pick Brannigans, we had some good times.’ 

Paul Osborne wrote on Facebook: ‘Heck! This is tragic… another legendary snack added to the list of casualties – along with Ridged Ready Salted Pringles, Walkers Ridged Jalapeno & Monterey Jack, Penn State Chilli Pretzels’ 

But many bemoaned their lack of availability in most shops and newsagents. 

One Twitter user said: ‘If you want to sell Brannigans put them in shops i shouldn’t have to turn into dog the bounty hunter every time i fancy a packet.’

Responding to the ‘depressing news’ the Crazy Bout Crisps Facebook page said: ‘R.I.P. Brannigans crisps from KP, sadly killed off for good in mid 2020 due to declining sales. Perhaps another victim of coronavirus?

‘Easily the best, and strongest, Roast Beef & Mustard crisps on the market, it’s a sad end for a crisp brand that’s been with us since the early 1980s.’

Fans of Brannigans crisps are mourning their loss after KP Snacks announced it was ditching the ‘seriously intense’ brand

Dominic Smith recalled happier times, when the crisps came in more than two flavours. 

He said: ‘I loved the cream cheese and chive flavour, such a shame I can’t buy them now.’

Neil Doherty added: ‘KP beef flavour were brilliant too, used to buy them from the tuck shop at school in the early 80s.’  

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