Britain's worst rapist moments after his arrest in 2017

Britain’s worst rapist is pictured covered in cuts and bruises moments after his arrest in 2017 after one of his 195 victims fought back

  • Greater Manchester Police shared a mugshot of serial sex fiend Reynhard Sinaga
  • The image shows him with two swollen eyes as well as steri strips over eyebrows
  • Officers released the shot ahead of new BBC documentary Catching A Predator

Police have released a picture of Britain’s worst rapist moments after he was arrested – covered in cuts and bruises after a brave rugby league player fought back.

Greater Manchester Police shared the mugshot of serial sex fiend Reynhard Sinaga after he was nicked for his final sick attack in his city centre flat.

The image shows him with two swollen eyes, steri strips over his eyebrows, bruising on his forehead and nose and his hair messed up in June 2017.

Officers released the shot ahead of BBC documentary Catching A Predator, which will look at the police probe into the then 36-year-old’s crimes.

He is believed to have attacked at least 195 men and was convicted of drugging 48 of them and filming himself sexually violating them while they were unconscious.

The gay Christian student was jailed for 60 years and must serve a minimum of 30 years in custody before he can be considered for parole.

Greater Manchester Police shared the mugshot of serial sex fiend Reynhard Sinaga (pictured) after he was nicked for his final sick attack in his Manchester city centre flat

Sinaga was finally caught when one of his victims regained consciousness on the bathroom floor and fought him off before he went to the police.

The six-foot tall, 13-stone teenager told how he woke up with his trousers around his ankles with the attacker molesting him.

He battered the rapist, beating him so badly he suffered a bleed on the brain and had to be taken to hospital.

Initially the 18-year-old victim was arrested for assault, but Sinaga left an iPhone 4 in his back pocket which contained sickening videos of him raping drugged men.

Officers searching Sinaga’s flat found another mobile ‘propped to side’ to capture rapes ‘in profile’ as well as a hard drive containing a chilling online library of videos.

They also discovered Sinaga had looked victims up on Facebook and stored their details.

He further kept belongings as sick souvenirs of the encounters, including a phone, watch, driving licence and a restaurant Tastecard.

Police have linked Reynhard Sinaga to more than 190 potential victims in total – 70 of whom they have not yet been able to identify

A map of Manchester city centre shows where Sinaga’s flat (in red) is located along with the nightclubs Factory and Fifth Avenue, which many of the complainants had earlier been to

Sinaga hunted for drunk young men around nightclubs near his flat in Manchester (above)

Spirit bottles at Sinaga’s flat are pictured. He is thought to have drugged the men when giving them a drink from his selection of alcohol

Police inquiries began after the 18-year old, who had been to the nearby Factory club on June 2, 2017, became separated from his friends and was approached by Sinaga.

Sinaga suggested the man should try contacting his friends from his flat.

The rugby player said Sinaga ‘seemed like a friendly guy’ so he agreed to go back with him.

He added he remembered the rapist pouring two shots of ‘red liquid’ and a ‘shot of clear liquid’ before he ‘blacked out’ and woke hours later being assualted.

The victim told jurors: ‘I had to defend myself to get out of there.’

A large part of Sinaga’s offending took place in the bedroom but some did take place in the living room. The final victim was raped in the bathroom before he woke up during the ordeal

The living room at the home of Sinaga, who has been jailed at Manchester Crown Court for life

 Sinaga (left) claimed the men consented to being recorded playing a sex game in which they pretended to be dead to fulfil his fantasies at his flat (right, where blood was seen on the door)

In a 999 call, the victim said: ‘I tried to push him away. I’ve got blood on me because I tried to hit him to get away from me. 

‘He’s trapped me in his house for most of the night. I’ve had to, I know it’s violent, but I’ve had to hit him a few time just to, to stop him from attacking me, been on top me. 

‘I’ve had to. I’ve got blood on my hand if you want to see? Cut, I think he might be busted so, if you have to you might have to phone an ambulance ’cause I’ve, I’ve had to hit him a few times to get him away from me.’

Police have linked Sinaga to 195 potential victims and are still trying to track some of them down.

He went out in the early hours of the morning, hunting for lone, drunk young men around nightclubs near his flat. 

Sinaga was jailed for 159 offences committed from January 2015 to May 2017. 

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