Britons 'black up' as gollies in Benidorm 'bad taste' fancy dress

The world’s least PC fancy dress parade: Britons ‘black up’ as gollies, Asian tourists and police pigs for Benidorm festival

  • British expats and tourists have paraded through the streets of Benidorm for the annual ‘bad taste’ fancy dress
  • More than 35,000 Britons donned colourful costumes and partied in the popular Costa Blanca resort in Spain
  • Some revellers wore ‘black face’ and dressed as gollies, while one group went as Asian tourists
  • Men had fake breasts and went as pimps, while a group of women dressed as if they were sitting on the toilet

Thousands of British revellers donned outrageous costumes and took to the streets of Benidorm for the annual ‘bad taste’ festival.

More than 35,000 British expats and tourists descended on the Costa Blanca resort to take part in the celebrations that happen every November.

Some partygoers went as far as ‘blacking up’ and dressing as gollies – an offensive caricature based on the minstrels, originating in the US.

A group of white holidaymakers also went as 1970s pimps and could be seen with ‘black face’ make-up on and plastic ‘bling’ jewellery during yesterday’s parade.

Three men were seen in garish ‘pimp’ suits, compete with plastic ‘bling’ and black face make-up during the annual fancy dress celebrations in Benidorm yesterday 

One group of men donned white shirts, chinos, yellow hats and wore cameras around their necks and pretended to be stereotypical Asian tourists 

One man was pictured on the phone, drinking a beer, while wearing a golly costume, black make-up, and even carrying one of the dolls golly dolls that have been deemed offensive by many due to their caricature of historic racial stereotypes

One woman donned a fake police uniform and a pig mask for the annual ‘bad taste’ fancy dress day in the Costa Blanca resort 

A group of middle-aged men dressed as Geri Halliwell in her iconic Union flag dress, worn when she and the rest of the Spice Girls performed at the 1997 Brit Awards

The ‘Leeds Loonies’ dressed as if they were sitting on the toilet, complete with loo roll and inflatable legs. One member of the group wore tan make-up and carried a tray representing the items ‘lookie lookie’ women sell in club toilets 

Two men went to the Benidorm annual fancy dress party dressed as gollies and wore ‘black face’ as well as the waistcoats, jacket and trousers that traditionally go with the dolls

Another group donned white t-shirts, yellow hats, face masks and cameras round their necks – pretending to be a stereotype of Asian tourists.

A went as Native Americans, while another woman added a touch of humour by going as a ‘one night stand’ table and lamp and stuck condom wrappers plus underwear to the side.

Women who dubbed themselves the ‘Leeds Loonies’ wore costumes that made themselves look as if they were sitting on the toilet, complete with bare inflatable legs and loo roll. 

A woman was pictured with heavy tan make-up, carrying a cardboard tray with a phrase referencing so-called ‘lookie lookie’ men and women, who work in club toilets selling beauty products and fragrances. 

One man was seen in a cage wearing a sign round his neck saying ‘feed me gin, make me grin’, while pretending to be carried by a gorilla.

Other male revellers paraded through ‘The Strip’ dressed as the Spice Girls, the Queen leading a corgi by a lead and Roman gladiators, with others wearing fake plastic breasts. 

Two men wore stereotypical Irish fancy dress with leprechaun beards with four-leafed clovers. One pretended to be getting a piggy-back from a smoking President Trump

Four men went as cowboys, but cut holes in their trousers to make them look like ‘assless chaps’, which are often associated with the LGBT community 

A group of four women dressed as Native Americans, with headdresses and traditional fringed dresses at the party yesterday

One man was seen in a cage costume, pretending to be carried by a gorilla, with a sign around his neck reading ‘feed me gin, make me grin’, with a pot at the front for collections and a horn 

A woman turned to a pun for her outfit by going as a ‘one night stand’ table and lamp, completed with condom wrappers, a pair of underwear and a sex toy stuck to the side

Some revellers went as the Queen pulling a corgi along by a lead, while others went as 19th century British soldiers

One couple at the Benidorm street party in the Costa Blanca were seen covered in yellow make-up and dressed as cartoon characters Homer and Marge Simpson

A large group of men dressed as French maids and took part in the annual fancy dress celebration in Benidorm in Spain

Less risque costumes included Santa outfits, a couple as Homer and Marge Simpson, plus a police woman with a pig mask.

The costume party is held every year on a Thursday following the Major Patron Festivities of Benidorm Costumes and features various kinds of music, paella and colourful floats.

This event, which fills the streets of the so-called ‘English quarter’ every year, is billed as Europe’s biggest fancy dress party.

It began more than 20 years ago and has been growing in numbers ever since, with similarly outrageous costumes seen in previous years. 

Men and women donned fake plastic breasts and wigs to take part in the annual Benidorm street fancy dress contest

A woman in an Egyptian outfit in Benidorm whispering to someone dressed as the Egyptian god Bastet, who looked over the home and fertility and was depicted as a cat-like creature in the ancient society’s mythology

Bad habit: A couple seen at the Benidorm street party, one wearing a see-though ‘naughty nun’ outfit and the other donning fake plastic breasts and a red wig 

Two men dressed as babies and wore big green Irish hats during the annual parade through the Benidorm strip yesterday 

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Every year thousands of revellers descend on the famous strip in Benidorm’s ‘English quarter’ and wear an array of colourful outfits to mark the end of the fiesta  

Some men went as Bunny Girls and some dressed as Santas while drinking beer for the annual Benidorm fancy dress party that takes place every November 

Many partygoers wore colourful outfits and took to the streets as the floats and parade made their way through the town

A woman dressed as a ‘one night stand’ table alongside a man in a costume as a decapitated head in Benidorm, Spain

A women dressed as a Hooters waitress with dangling fake breasts and the word ‘retired’ written across the front is seen in the (above) image

Billed as Europe’s biggest fancy dress party, the Benidorm event has been going some 20 years and has seen increasing numbers taking part since it began 

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