Brits say London, Manchester and Edinburgh are most exciting UK cities to live in – but did YOURS make the top 10

YOUNG Brits yearning to leave the hometowns are most excited to move to London, Manchester and Edinburgh – with the top ten cities to live in being revealed.

Half of 18 to 30-year-olds who still live where they grow up are itching to relocate to a bigger city for various reasons.

Of the 1,000 polled nearly a third don’t feel that they can reach their desired goals by staying at home, with 26 per cent wanting to move and find their “purpose” in life.

A further three in 10 believed that they’ve outgrown their hometown, while 23 per cent claim it stifles their creativity.

The research, commissioned by Reebok, revealed that youngsters would most like to move to, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Other UK cities considered exciting to live in include Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and Oxford.

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It also emerged, of the 30 per cent of young adults who had already uprooted from their hometown, 44 per cent couldn’t wait to leave.

The study also found of those who have left for a new adventure, 28 per cent did so because there were better job opportunities in their desired career.

And 24 per cent felt they had outgrown it, while 17 per cent didn’t feel they were able to reach their full potential.

But one in five would still be willing to move back to the place they grew up, and half who have moved away from home reckon they stuck around for just the right amount of time.


1. London
2. Manchester
3. Edinburgh
4. Brighton and Hove
5. Liverpool
6. Bristol
7. Glasgow
8. York
9. Leeds
10. Oxford

It also emerged 26 per cent of all those polled via OnePoll agreed cultural influences help drive creativity, as well as your location and where you live.

Nearly a fifth love the culture of where they live, which is why they enjoy residing where they do – whether it be their hometown or elsewhere.

A further 42 per cent agreed the place they live helps stimulate their creativity. Josephine Walters, Reebok’s senior director said: “Where we live can have substantial impact to how we are as a person.

"The inspiration we draw from the city or place we live in is almost subconscious and an essential part of our choices – there may come a time where we might outgrow somewhere and it is time to find something new in order forus to grow as a person, and we feel the results show just this.

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“The UK is filled with vibrant and exciting cities to live in or even as a weekend getaway.

"It’s amazing how so many cities also have various diverse communities within them, with different music scenes, fashion trends and tastes that reflect the specific cultural nuances of the people.”

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