Buffalo mass shooting LIVE news – New York victims named & Governor Kathy Hochul slams Twitch over Payton Gendron vid

THE New York victims of the Buffalo mass shooting have been named.

The 10 who were killed were identified as one victim, security guard Aaron Salter Jr, is remembered for his heroic final act of bravery.

This comes as New York Gov Kathy Hochul slammed Twitch over a reported live stream of the Buffalo mass shooting on Saturday.

Suspect Payton Gendron, 18, reportedly streamed on the platform as he opened fire at Tops Friendly Market.

"The fact that this act of barbarism, this execution of innocent human beings could be live-streamed on social media platforms and not taken down within a second says to me that there is a responsibility out there … to ensure that such hate cannot populate these sites," Hochul said in a press conference on Saturday.

According to Twitch, the company took down the Livestream less than two minutes after the shooting started.

“We are devastated to hear about the shooting that took place this afternoon in Buffalo, New York,” Twitch said to The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

“Our hearts go out to the community impacted by this tragedy. Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy against violence of any kind and works swiftly to respond to all incidents."

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  • Forrest McFarland


    Tops Friendly Markets shared a statement on Twitter as the deadly event unfolded:

    “We are shocked and deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

    “Our top priority remains the health and well-being of our associates and customers.

    “We appreciate the quick response of local law enforcement and are providing all available resources to assist authorities in the ongoing investigation.”

  • Forrest McFarland

    Who was Katherine Massey?

    Katherine Massey, 72, was gunned down during the attack and her sister, Barbara is calling for justice.

    Barbara Massey dropped her sister off at the grocery store shortly before the shooting happened. Massey said she raced to the police cordon after Katherine didn’t answer her phone, begging the officers to let her look for her sister.

    According to Massey, the sisters grew up in central Buffalo. Katherine worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield for 40 years and had spent her life spoiling her friends, family and grand nephews and nieces.

    Katherine also contributed to the neighborhood newspaper, The Challenger, even writing pieces about gun crime and the need for stricter laws on firearms.

  • Forrest McFarland

    10 people killed

    The 10 victims killed were revealed by officials:

    • Roberta Drury, 32
    • Margus Morrison, 52
    • Geraldine Talley, 62
    • Celestine Chaney, 65
    • Heyward Patterson, 67
    • Katherine Massey, 72
    • Pearl Young, 77
    • Ruth Whitfield, 86
    • Andre Mackneil, 53
    • Aaron Salter, 55
    • Forrest McFarland

      Other victims

      Zaire Goodman, a 20-year-old from Buffalo, was injured but was treated and released from a hospital.

      Jennifer Warrington, a 50-year-old from Tonawanda, was also treated and released from the hospital.

    • Forrest McFarland

      All shooting victims

      Officials revealed the identities of all the victims of the shooting.

      New Yorkers Andre Mackneil, 53, from Auburn, and Aaron Salter, 55, from Lockport were also killed, CNN reported.

    • Forrest McFarland

      Who was Roberta Drury?

      Dezzelyn McDuffie found out that her 32-year-old daughter, Roberta Drury, was killed after seeing a video of her being shot on social media.

      “She was just coming out of Tops,” her mother said to the New York Post.

    • Forrest McFarland

      Who was Pearl Young?

      Pearl Young, 77, is another victim that was confirmed after the shooting in a series of social media posts.

      Reporter Madison Carter tweeted: "Pearly Young, 77, was killed today in #Buffalo shopping for groceries.

      "For 25 years she ran a pantry where every Saturday she fed people in Central Park. Every. Saturday.

      "She loved singing, dancing, & being with family. She was mother, grandma, & missionary. Gone too soon."

      Young also worked as a substitute teacher up until her death, mostly in special education.

    • Forrest McFarland

      Who was Ruth Whitfield?

      Ruth Whitfield, 86, was the second victim named by her family, according to The Buffalo News.

      Her son, retired Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell W. Whitfield, paid tribute to the 86-year-old, telling the outlet: "My mom was the consummate mom. My mother was a mother to the motherless. She was a blessing to all of us. She loved God and taught us to do the same thing."

    • Forrest McFarland

      Who was Aaron Salter?

      Aaron Salter Jr was the store's security guard who was shot and killed in the mass shooting.

      "We are told our safety is most important and to get out if something like that happens," Salter Jr's coworker Henry Johnson told The Sun.

      "But he didn't leave. That says everything you need to know about him."

      Salter Jr engaged in gunfire with the accused shooter, but the alleged gunman – white, 18-year-old Payton Gendron – was wearing armor so he was not hurt.

    • Forrest McFarland

      The victims of the shooting

      Seven victims of the shooting have been named so far:

      • Aaron Salter
      • Ruth Whitfield
      • Pearl Young
      • Katherine Massey
      • Roberta Drury
      • Celestine Chaney
      • Heyward Patterson

      Another mass shooting in Laguna Woods

      Another mass shooting has occurred at a church in Laguna Woods, California.

      You can read our live updates on the event here.

      President Biden to visit Buffalo

      Reporter Jonathan Lemire said that the President would travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to visit the victims of the shooting.

      'We don't deserve to be killed'

      Witness Debrah Josey told The Sun she is still trying to comprehend the senseless violence.

      "I'm still trying to get my head around what happened and understand the thought behind why he did it," Josey said.

      "Black people are just trying to exist like everyone else. We don't deserve to be killed."

      Community pays their respects

      More than a dozen residents who spoke to The Sun described the area as a tight-knit, welcoming community.

      They paid their respects Sunday morning as they cried on each other's shoulders outside the cordoned-off grocery store.

      Memorials with flowers, candles, cards, and signs saying "Black Lives Matter" and "Nonviolence begins with me" lined Jefferson Avenue.

      Witness haunted by child's scream, continued

      "It's a nightmare that I can't put behind me," Debrah Josey told The Sun.

      "I've been here 35 years, and I've never seen anything like this."

      • Forrest McFarland

        Witness haunted by child's scream

        A witness of the shooting told The Sun that she is haunted by a child's scream for her mom and panicked parents' desperate pleas for their children.

        "I keep hearing a little girl crying, 'That's my mom.' Parents were yelling, 'Where are my kids?' And you couldn't help," Debrah Josey told The Sun.

      • Jennifer Korn

        Five victims ID'd

        The victims whose identities have been publicly released are:

        • Ruth Whitfield, 88
        • Roberta Drury, 32
        • Aaron Salter Jr., 55
        • Celestine Chaney, 65
        • Pearl Young, 77

        Sen Kirsten Gillibrand weighs in

        The New York Senator issued a tweet about the shooting in Buffalo.

        "Today I spoke with the FBI about the tragic shooting in Buffalo," she wrote.

        "They told me that they’re investigating this act of violence as a hate crime and will investigate this fully and comprehensively."

        "We must take action to prevent domestic terrorism fueled by white supremacy."

        Hillary Clinton: shooting is 'outraging'

        The former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken to Twitter to address the deadly shooting.

        "The mass shooting in Buffalo is both heartbreaking and outraging," she wrote.

        "How long will we tolerate innocent lives being ended by the toxic mix of racism and guns?"

        Gov Kathy Hochul blasts Congress

        In response to a question about no federal law being passed to curb gun violence after the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, Gov Kathy Hochul said:

        "Shame on this country, shame on Congress at that time for not passing something as simple as a background check," she said.

        "Regardless of your political philosophy…step up."

        Rep Ritchie Torres: 'I'm heartbroken'

        "I’m heartbroken by the tragic shooting in Buffalo yesterday that took 10 lives," wrote Ritchie Torres.

        "We must call this attack out for what it was: domestic terrorism. White supremacy has fueled so much violence in this country & Black Americans are paying the price, this time in a grocery store."

        • Jennifer Korn

          GoFundMe monitoring for fundraisers

          GoFundMe spokesperson Meghan Kee said that the platform is monitoring for verified fundraisers.

          "Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the tragic mass shooting in Buffalo," she wrote.

          "Those who've lost loved ones and the entire community is in our thoughts during this difficult time."

          "Our Trust & Safety team is currently monitoring our platform for all verified fundraisers related to this tragedy," she wrote.

        • Jennifer Korn

          No other suspects

          Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia confirmed that no other suspects are being investigated at this time, and that officials believe the suspect acted alone.

        • Jennifer Korn

          State funding support

          The governor announced that $2million will go directly to the families of those affected by the shooting.

          "I want to thank the community for stepping up," said Gov Kathy Hochul.

          "An attack on one is an attack on all."

        • Jennifer Korn

          Gov Kathy Hochul speaks

          The governor started her speech by thanking law enforcement for their work on the case.

          She then went on to express her concern that the shooter may have inspired others to commit similar acts.

          "We don't know if there are more people who are now going to be inspired," said the governor.

          "That's what has to shut down right now."

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