China records biggest spike in coronavirus cases for three months as scores test positive in Uighur-dominated Xinjiang

CHINA has recorded its biggest spike in coronavirus cases for three months as large numbers test positive in Uighur Muslim-dominated Xinjiang.

Authorities reported 101 new cases in the country – with 89 found in Xinjiang, home to many of the Uighur ethnic minority.

Fears are growing that China may be facing a second wave months after they managed to quell the initial Covid-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan.

The north-western Chinese region has launched mass testing and quarantine measures after uncovering a growing clump of infections earlier this month.

The outbreak comes amid accusations that China has locked up a million Uighur Muslims in 're-education' camps.

Beijing strongly denies the claims but have faced international condemnation with critics claiming Uighurs are being tortured and the women sterilised.

Many critics of China's regime are also concerned that Covid-19 could seep into the prison camps, especially now with the virus reported so heavily in Xinjiang.

Senior lecturer in politics and international relations Dr Anna Hayes has said previously that she fears an outbreak in the camps was only "a matter of time, if it hasn't happened already."

China – where the global outbreak first emerged – had successfully reigned in domestic transmission through, testing, targeted lockdowns and travel restrictions.

But random recent outbreaks in different parts of the country have shown the difficulty of keeping the virus at bay.

Last week authorities had been focusing on a food processing plant in Dalian, in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

It is believed workers handled contaminated packaging of imported seafood.

52 cases were confirmed in the major port city in the last week – and 30 involved people who worked at the factory.

More than three million people have been tested in Dalian.

Officials also shut down enclosed public venues including libraries, bars, museums, gyms, restaurants and spas.

After an outbreak in Beijing in June which saw more than 300 people infected, Dalian authorities are using a similar targeted approach of virus control measures on different districts of the city based on their risk levels.

In total, 84,060 people have been infected with coronavirus in China and 482 remain hospitalised.

There have been 4,634 related deaths, according to an official count.

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