CIA releases never before seen pics of Operation Jawbreaker – America’s bloody revenge assault on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan just days after 9/11 – The Sun

THE CIA has lifted the lid on the opening days of the Afghanistan war when a team was dropped in to hunt down Al Qaeda in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In a series of images, the agency lays bare the intense operation by its operatives in 2001, involving hideouts, cavalry charges on commandeered horses and winning over tribes with piles of cash. 

The evocative images were posted to the CIA Twitter account over 15 days following the 18th anniversary of the tragedy. 

Called the #15Days project, it looks at how a team of seven CIA paramilitary operatives and a three-man flight crew — code-named JAWBREAKER — were the first on the ground in the battle against Al-Qaeda and its Taliban supporters.

This was just days after 2,977 people were killed when Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Virginia and into a field in Pennsylvania.

In one image taken eight days after the attack heavily armed CIA officers are seen on board a Mi-17 Hip helicopter guarding $3 million (£2.4m) in cash in three cardboard boxes.

The money was to help the Northern Alliance (NA) commanders to pay their troops and to convince other tribes to come on side.

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