Clock collector, 75, will have to turn back all 5,000 of his timepieces on Sunday – The Sun

CLOCK collector Roy West is in for a long night — as he turns all of his 5,000 timepieces back an hour.

Roy, 75, will spend more than five hours ensuring his enormous collection syncs with GMT tonight.

He has been amassing clocks for nearly 40 years and they cover every inch of wall space in his tiny two-bed flat — with 25 of them chiming every 15 minutes.

Roy, who lives with 68-year-old wife Pauline, has 30 bedside clocks plus many more on the bedroom walls.

He has 60-plus in the ­bathroom and hundreds more elsewhere and in cupboards.

Roy, of Eastleigh, Hants, said: “It’s a long job but I don’t mind. I don’t want any telling the wrong time.”

He went on: “I start in the bedroom, because I have the most in there. That takes an hour and a half.

“I then go into the living room and that takes an hour, then the hallway, kitchen, bathroom and the cupboards. Finally I do the spare room, which takes another hour.”

Roy’s collection began when his boss binned a perfectly good one.

He said: “All of a sudden I started looking around charity shops, picking up clocks and buying them.

“Pauline brings home a new pack of batteries every time she goes to the shops.”

He said the ticking and chiming no longer bothers them, adding: “You get used to it.”

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