Conjoined twin sisters see each other for the first time after being separated in 16-hour operation

CONJOINED twin sisters can see each other for the first time after they were separated in a 16-hour op.

The year-old girls were born joined at the back of the head, facing in opposite directions.

But they had an emotional face-to-face meeting after surgery in Israel led by Great Ormond Street’s Noor ul Owase Jeelani.

Israeli medic Dr Isaac Lazar said of the girls, who have not been named: “It was amazing to see them look at each other for the first time.

“They stared, made noises at each other, and were trying to communicate — it was just so moving.”

Mr Owase Jeelani flew to Israel last week with his children’s brain surgery charity Gemini Untwined.

He said: “It was a very special moment. When we put them in separate intensive care beds they were unsettled.

“But when they could physically touch each other all of a sudden their blood pressure came down and they were much more relaxed.

“They still see themselves as one person — it’s hard for us to imagine being that connected to somebody.”

A team of 25 medics including ten surgeons took part in the gruelling procedure last week, which involved growing extra skin to stretch over their skulls.

Mr Owase Jeelani, left, said: “It was a long day for sure.

“It’s still early days but their brains looked intact so there’s every reason to believe they will go on to live normal lives.”

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