Couple 'kidnapped seven-year-old girl to rape her' in Russia

Couple ‘who kidnapped seven-year-old girl to rape before throwing her from second-floor window in bid to kill her’ are arrested on Russian island

  • Twisted couple kidnapped girl for man to rape before ‘trying to kill her’
  • The girl is now fighting for her life after being airlifted to hospital in ‘grave’ state
  • Andrey Komaritsky, 46, was arrested on suspicion of rape and attempted murder
  • Veronika Khomchuk, 28, targeted child at playground and lured her back to flat

A Russian woman has been arrested for kidnapping a seven-year-old girl ‘so her boyfriend could rape the child’ before throwing her out of a second-floor window.

Andrey Komaritsky, 46, faces charges of rape and attempted murder for his part in the sickening plot. 

Girlfriend Veronika Khomchuk, 28, is accused of kidnapping the girl by luring her under false pretences to her flat, where the brutal attack took place.

The child is fighting for her life after being airlifted to hospital, but remains in ‘grave condition’, local reports on the remote Russian Kuril islands north of Japan state. 

Andrey Komaritsky (left) was already convicted of rape as a youngster, local reports stated. Girlfriend Veronika Khomchuk (right) is accused of luring the child from a playground before the hideous attack

Komaritsky faces charged of rape and attempted murder after ‘throwing the child’

She was flown by helicopter from Iturup island to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, capital of Sakhalin region, for urgent care.

‘It is really hard to find words for what happened,’ reported Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

‘Veronika chose the victim at a playground for the pervert, according to our sources. When it was over, the animal of the man threw the child out of the window.’

Law enforcement sources also told the newspaper the man had previously been jailed for rape. 

‘There are nearly 20 years difference between the man and woman – when Veronika was born, Andrey had been already jailed for rape.’

The man ‘waved and smiled’ as he was detained.

The incident has horrified locals in Kurilsk, a town of 1,000 people where ‘everyone knows each other’, said a report.

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