Cuomo proposes making ‘New York Buy American’ act permanent

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to make permanent a bill requiring New York’s big infrastructure projects to use American-made steel and iron, he said Saturday.

The “New York Buy American Act,” which first took effect in April 2018 and was due to expire next year, requires the “Made in America” materials on all projects worth more than $1 million.

Speaking at the Labor Day Parade in Manhattan, Cuomo said he will seek to make the law permanent in January, calling it the top of his list of budget priorities, Cuomo said.

The law would protect American jobs and grow New York jobs, “and it makes sure we have the best quality steel and concrete and iron going into our infrastructure projects.”

The state has over $250 billion in infrastructure projects, Cuomo said. “And we want to make sure that these projects last 100 years and to do that you have to know that steel, that concrete, that iron is top quality material and you only know that if that is made right here in the good old USA.”

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