Customer who rang EE to get new Sim card offered £40,000 cocaine deal

A MOBILE phone customer who rang EE’s call centre to get a new Sim card was offered a £40,000 cocaine deal.

The customer, 25, said that within minutes of chatting to the sales assistant the talk turned to drugs.

He claims he was offered several substances including coke, cannabis and ketamine.

The environmental services worker, who asked not to be identified, said the chat turned friendly when the pair realised they lived close to each other.

The call handler soon went on to offer a menu of drugs in large quantities and sent a text setting out his prices.

The customer, from Swansea, said: “I couldn’t believe my ears. It was really stupid — all the calls are monitored, he must have known that as it’s made clear at the start of every conversation.

“I called looking for a deal on a new Sim card, not a drug deal, and the amount he was offering was huge, including £40,000 for a ‘top-shelf solid brick’ of cocaine.”

EE said it was urgently investigating the allegations, adding: “The employee is not attending work.”

South Wales Police are also investigating.

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