Disturbing footage shows shapeshifting 'witch' lurking in family's garage as unsuspecting man comes face to face with it | The Sun

A WITCH-like figure has been captured lurking in a family's garage days ahead of Halloween.

After hearing noises coming from the garage, the homeowner went to take a look.

Surveillance footage from a home in Mexico showed the man walking in to check on his dogs – but they weren't barking.

A strange figure was then seen behind one of the parked cars in the garage.

It appeared to be on all fours. But then, the figure shifted to stand on two legs.

One of the man's dogs then noticed the creature.

It appeared to grow long, thin limbs at the back of the garage.

The man then walked over to the figure, which moved behind one of the parked cars.

After coming face-to-face with the figure, the man called to his wife.

By that time, the creature appeared to be human-sized.

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It could be seen walking out of view as the man returned with his wife.

The timestamp on the video revealed that the figure appeared at the stroke of midnight.

Some believe it could have been a nagual, or nahual, known as a human "witch" with the power to transform into their tonal animal counterpart.

They can reportedly use their power for good or evil.

It is not, however, clear exactly what the bizarre creature was.

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