Donald Trump latest news: President brands Kamala Harris a 'liar' and is surprised Biden picked her as running mate

Donald Trump has said Kamala Harris is a “liar” and is “surprised” Democratic candidate Joe Biden picked her as his running mate.

The US President claimed Senator Harris, who previously served as California's District Attorney, “told many, many stories that weren't true [and] she's very big into raising taxes.”

Trump said Harris had been “very, very nasty” to Biden during the Democratic primaries.

He told reporters: “One of the reasons that it surprised me, she was probably nastier than even Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) to Joe Biden.

“She was very disrespectful to Joe Biden and it's hard to pick somebody that that's disrespectful."

The US leader also claimed. “Well, she lied, she said things that are untrue.

"She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe.”

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    Donald Trump has called his former National Security Adviser John Bolton “one of the dumbest people I’ve met in government.”

    Since leaving the White House last September, Bolton penned a book attacking the US President including accusing him of being manipulated by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

    Yesterday, Trump lashed out at his former aide on Twitter, writing: “John Bolton, one of the dumbest people I’ve met in government and sadly, I’ve met plenty, states often that I respected, and even trusted, Vladimir Putin of Russia more than those in our Intelligence Agencies.

    “While of course that is not true, if the first people you met from….

    “.so called American Intelligence were Dirty Cops who have now proven to be sleazebags at the highest level like James Comey, proven liar James Clapper, & perhaps the lowest of them all, Wacko John Brennan who headed the CIA, you could perhaps understand my reluctance to embrace!”


    Trump said the Spanish flu “probably ended the Second World War” – despite the virus devastated the world two DECADES earlier.

    The US leader also said the pandemic – which killed up to 50 million – began in 1917 when in fact cases were first reported in 1918.

    A White House official later told USA Today that Trump – who was escorted out the press briefing room on Monday because of a shooting – was referring to World War One which lasted from 1914 until 1918.

    Trump said: “The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people.

    “Probably ended the Second World War. All the soldiers were sick.”


    Donald Trump has branded Kamala Harris a “liar” and says he is “surprised” that Democratic candidate Joe Biden picked her as his running mate.

    The US President claimed Senator Harris, who previously served as California's District Attorney, “told many, many stories that weren't true [and] she's very big into raising taxes.”

    He told reporters that Harris had done “very, very poorly” in the Democratic primaries and “ended up right around two percent” after spending “a lot of money.”

    Trump cited Harris' anti-fracking stance, her dismissal of petroleum products, and her support of socialized medicine as reasons to distrust Biden's vice presidential pick.

    “Well, she lied, she said things that are untrue,” the US leader claimed. “She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody can even believe.”

    “I can't tell you what she's voting for, I think she doesn't know what,” he continued, as the US presidential election looms. “I think Joe knows even less than she does.”


    AN ex-White House staffer who was sacked by Donald Trump for gossiping about his family has praised the US President in a new book.

    Madeleine Westerhout, 29, who served as director of Oval Office operations, was fired last summer after speaking about Trump's daughter's to reporters during a dinner.

    Among those intimate details was a claim that the Republican did not like being photographed with his youngest daughter Tiffany because he felt she was overweight.

    But while many ousted White House staffers have been negative about Trump,Westerhout told PEOPLE that she only has praise for the president.

    Speaking about her upcoming book, she said: “I spent over two and a half years sitting outside the Oval Office and I wanted people to get a more accurate depiction of our president.

    “I believe he loves this country, and he is doing everything in his power to keep the American citizens safe and I just wanted to share with people the President Trump that I got to know.”


    Donald Trump said that the Seattle council's vote to defund the police is a “tragic error” and that he “hates” to see the police chief resign over the move.

    On Monday, by a vote of 7-1 the council approved a revised 2020 budget that reduced the department's budget by $3.5million for the remainder of the year and invested $17million in community public safety programs.

    The City Council also cut Police Chief Carmen Best’s roughly $285,000 annual salary and the pay of other top police leaders, although the final cuts to Best’s salary were significantly more modest than those approved last week.

    Just one day after, Best announced that she was resigning from her post.

    Speaking about her resignation during his press conference on Tuesday, Trump said: “The police commissioner seems like a very good woman.

    “They were going to slash her salary by 40 or 50 percent, they cut tremendous amount off the police department.

    “Those police are good also but they're not allowed to do their job.

    “I hate to see her go she did, in her own way, a good job.

    “But she wasn't effective in convincing the mayor and city council to give the funds they needed – or leave the funds as they are.

    “It will probably get worse before people realise it's a tragic error, I think Seattle's made a tragic mistake.”

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    U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he was surprised Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden chose Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate because she had been disrespectful to the former vice president during the debates.

    Trump said Harris had been “very, very nasty” to Biden during the primaries.

    “One of the reasons that it surprised me, she was probably nastier than even Pocahontas to Joe Biden.

    “She was very disrespectful to Joe Biden and it's hard to pick somebody that that's disrespectful,” he told reporters.


    The United States has penned an agreement with drugmaker Moderna Inc to acquire 100 million doses of its potential COVID-19 vaccine, U.S. president Donald Trump said in a press conference.

    The United States has made several deals to acquire doses of potential COVID-19 vaccines in advance of their approval by regulators, part of its Operation Warp Speed program that aims to deliver a vaccine in the U.S. by the end of the year.


    A stalemate between the Republican White House and congressional Democrats over coronavirus relief ended in a fourth day without talks on Tuesday, with each party blaming the other for intransigence.

    The lack of progress was confirmed separately by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Republicans and Democrats both pointed fingers over claims of ignoring the severity of the crisis and refusing to compromise on key issues such as unemployment benefits and aid to state and local governments.

    Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer had spent nearly two weeks in almost daily talks with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows until negotiations broke down on Friday.

    “As far as I know, the secretary of the Treasury and the chief of staff have not spoken to the speaker and the Democratic leader today,” McConnell told Fox News.

    Pelosi, asked if she had had or expected any communication with the two White House negotiators, shook her head and whispered “no” to reporters as she entered an elevator on Capitol Hill.


    The outspoken husband of Kellyanne Conway has reignited his feud with Donald Trump by ripping the president's “sucker” supporters who fall for his lies.

    George Conway used dozens of claims made by Trump to construct an “endorsement” of the president on Monday in a Washington Post opinion article titled “I (still) believe in the president, and in the president.”

    The searing opinion piece by conservative attorney starts off as if it was an endorsement.

    “I believe the president Made America Great Again. I believe we need him reelected to Make America Great Again,” George Conway wrote and attached links about Trump's claims throughout the article.

    Conway wrote in his op-ed: “I believe that if Biden is elected, there will be 'no religion, no anything,' and he would confiscate all guns, 'immediately and without notice.'

    “He would 'abolish' 'our great,' 'beautiful suburbs,' not to mention 'the American way of life.' There would be 'no windows, no nothing' in buildings.”

    Conway's op-ed continued: “I believe the president 'aced' a 'very hard' impairment test, and that his 'very surprised' doctors found this 'unbelievable.' I believe it was 'amazing' he remembered five words, such as 'person, woman, man, camera, TV' — in correct order. I believe he took the SAT himself.

    “I believe the president’s suggestions that physicians should try injecting patients with household disinfectants, and shining ultraviolet light inside their bodies, make perfect sense.”

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    Kamala Harris has been revealed as Joe Biden's Vice Presidential pick in his bid to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

    Biden made the announcement himself via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

    “I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my running mate,” he wrote.

    “Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau,” Biden continued in a second tweet. “I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I'm proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

    According to CNN, the presidential and vice presidential candidates will appear together tomorrow at an event in Wilmington, Delaware.


    Vice President Mike Pence has called for Congress to reach an agreement and pass a new stimulus relief package as talks reach a stalemate.

    Pence told Fox Business that the White House is looking to get more support for businesses.

    “We're literally calling on every governor, especially Democrat governors across the country, to call on members of their party in Congress to say let's get to the table, let's get a deal done that puts Americans first,” he said.

    On Monday, President Trump slammed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Twitter.

    “So now Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal. Amazing how it all works, isn’t it,” Trump tweeted.

    “Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were “hardliners”, and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly? They know my phone number!” Trump added.

    The tweet came after Democrats denied reaching out to the White House after the Trump administration rejected a $2trillion package proposal Friday.


    Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen his running mate for the Nov. 3 election and could announce his pick as soon as Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the matter.

    The finalists for the job have been informed of Biden's decision, the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    The news that Biden has made his selection was first reported by CNN.

    A Biden campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Biden, who served as vice president under President Barack Obama, has pledged to choose a woman as a running mate.

    His short list has included several Black lawmakers and leaders, including Senator Kamala Harris of California and former national security adviser Susan Rice.

    No major-party presidential ticket has ever included a Black woman.


    Donald Trump Jr has accused the Biden family of being as corrupt as the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    His comments came after Joe Biden's son Hunter reportedly settled a $450,000 tax debt within six days last month, according to a new report.

    Donald Trump Jr, who is one of his father’s most prominent campaign surrogates, retweeted an article on Monday with a comment ripping Hunter Biden.

    His tweet reads: “Hunter Biden hit with a 450k lien! Barely a peep in the media! Biden family gives Hillary Clinton a run for her money when it comes to corruption.”

    According to Washington Free Beacon reported Monday, Hunter was slapped with the hefty lien of $453,890 on July 9 by the District of Columbia for unpaid state income taxes.

    Just six days later on July 15, Hunter was able to “resolve” the bill despite having no clear job and claiming that he was broke.


    Donald Trump has said cancelling the 2020 college football would be a “tragic mistake”.

    Arguing in favour of proceeding with the football season amid the pandemic on Tuesday, he said: “you're not going to see people dying.”

    The US President argued players would not be at risk of contracting coronavirus because they are in “extraordinary shape.”

    He said: “You're not going to see people dying. And many people get it and they have — like kids they get it they have the sniffles. Young kids, almost none have a serious problem with it.”

    “I mean literally, you look, I think they said the state of California almost nobody that's young had a — like zero had a serious problem with this disease.”

    “They get better very quickly, if they get it at all. So, I think football is making a tragic mistake [by not playing].”


    A man shot and wounded by a uniformed Secret Service officer, prompting President Donald Trump to be abruptly escorted out of a briefing room during a televised news conference, had been threatening to kill people near the White House, two officials familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

    The man was identified as Myron Berryman, 51, and is expected to face federal assault charges, the officials said. He remained hospitalised with critical injuries on Tuesday, they said.

    The officials, who were briefed on the investigation, could not discuss the ongoing probe publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

    Berryman had approached the uniformed officer just before 6 p.m. Monday at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House, and told the officer he had a weapon, Secret Service Uniformed Division Chief Tom Sullivan said.

    He then moved aggressively toward the officer and appeared ready to fire before the officer shot him once, Sullivan said.


    California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is the frontrunner in a close race to become Joe Biden’s running mate, according to sources close to the 2020 presidential candidate.

    Harris, who was herself a presidential candidate last year, is favoured because of her ability to appeal to a diverse range of voters and groups, according to

    “I think in a lot of ways she could help him the way he helped Obama,” a source speaking for Biden said.

    “I think she remains a low-risk pick for him,” the source said to The Hill, adding that “she doesn’t have a lot of baggage, and she has relationships on the Hill which could help him as president”

    The pool of contenders for the position includes several women, including Susan Rice, whom Biden has had experience working with, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Representative Karen Bass, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.


    Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez has appealed to U.S. President Donald Trump to spare the life of the only Native American on federal death row, arguing the U.S. government was infringing tribal sovereignty.

    Lezmond Mitchell, a Navajo, was convicted of murdering a 9-year-old Navajo girl, Tiffany Lee, and her grandmother Alyce Slim in 2001 on the tribe's territory, which spans four states in the U.S. Southwest.

    Mitchell, 38, was sentenced to death in an Arizona federal court over the objection of Navajo officials, who said the tribe's cultural values prohibited taking human life “for vengeance.”

    Under Trump, the Justice Department resumed executions this year after a 17-year hiatus, killing three condemned men in July at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

    Last month, the department scheduled Mitchell's execution for Aug. 26, angering some Navajo officials.

    “It's a complete slap in the face to our values and our justice system and the deference that's owed to us as guest of ours on this land,” Carl Slater, a member of the Navajo Nation Council who represents Mitchell's home district, said in an interview.

    Nez is set to address a clemency hearing before the Office of the Pardon Attorney on Tuesday.

    In a letter to Trump, Nez said a sentence of life in prison would be “appropriate to begin to restore harmony and balance to the affected families and to the inherent sovereignty of the Navajo Nation.”


    U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping has frayed in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic and that he has not spoken to his Chinese counterpart in a long time.

    “I used to have a very good relationship with him,” Trump told Fox Sports Radio in an interview, citing their Phase One trade deal hammered out last year and signed in early 2020.

    “I had a great relationship with President Xi. I like him, but I don't feel the same way now.”

    Trump said his feelings changed amid COVID-19.

    “I certainly feel differently. I had a very, very good relationship, and I haven't spoken to him in a long time.”

    Trump, who is seeking re-election in the Nov. 3 U.S. election, made challenging China a key part of his 2016 presidential campaign and touted his friendly ties with Xi during much of his first term in office as he sought to make good on his trade deal promises.

    But he said on Tuesday that the fallout from the outbreak was worse than the conflict over trade.

    “This is a thousand times the trade deal what happened with all of the death and … the world had to shutdown. It's a disgrace,” he told Fox.


    President Donald Trump criticised his Democratic rival's vice presidential selection process, saying Tuesday that some men are insulted by Joe Biden's promise to select a woman as his running mate.

    In an interview with Fox Sports Radio, Trump said, “I would be inclined to go a different route than what hes done.”

    Of Biden's vow to choose a woman, Trump said, “Some people would say that men are insulted by that. And some people would say it's fine.”

    Biden is expected to announce his running mate in the coming days ahead of next week's Democratic National Convention.

    The United States has never had a female vice president, and the move comes four years after the country's first female presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, lost her White House bid.


    Donald Trump said he felt “safe” with the Secret Service about after a man was shot by an agent outside the White House.

    A press briefing was interrupted earlier after an incident when a man was shot.

    It is believed the man was armed.

    Asked about the incident when the press briefing resumed, Mr Trump said: “I feel very safe with the Secret Service. They’re fantastic people.

    “They’re the best of the best, and they’re highly trained. I don’t know if anybody got to walk outside, but there were a lot of terrific-looking people ready to go if something was necessary – people at the highest level of law enforcement. There’s nobody like these people.”


    Donald Trump has rejected the idea of holding socially distanced rallies during his presidential campaign.

    In an interview with Fox News Radio, he said: “You can't have empty seats.”

    He went on to recall a conversation he had with an unnamed person, or group of people.

    “You know, if I had five empty seats — for instance, they said: ‘Would I do a rally, sir?’ The reason I won’t do them [is] because: ‘You can have one seat and then seven around that seat, sir, have to be empty.’”

    “Oh, that’ll look great,” Trump said.

    “You know, you have one person and everything’s empty around them. You can’t do that.”


    US President Donald Trump says he’s still interested in hosting a Group of Seven summit and that he would “certainly” invite Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    At Monday’s White House news conference – where an alleged gunman was shot outside, during a press conference – Trump said he wanted to expand the list of invitees to include Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.

    But, “I'm much more inclined to do it sometime after the election. We could do it through teleconference or we could do it through a meeting,” he added.

    In May as the coronavirus pandemic was spreading, Trump postponed a G7 summit he had hoped to hold in June until September or later.

    Asked whether he would invite Putin, Trump replied: “I don't know but we have invited a number of people to the meeting. I certainly would invite him to the meeting.”

    Hours after the presser, Trump mentioned Putin again, tweeting: “John Bolton, one of the dumbest people I’ve met in government and sadly, I’ve met plenty, states often that I respected, and even trusted, Vladimir Putin of Russia more than those in our Intelligence Agencies.

    “While of course that is not true, if the first people you met from so called American Intelligence were Dirty Cops who have now proven to be sleazebags at the highest level like James Comey… you could perhaps understand my reluctance to embrace!”

    Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, California, tweeted in reply: “Cool. Call Putin and tell him to stop paying to kill U.S. troops. I’ll wait.”


    US President Donald Trump has been mocked for saying the Spanish flu “probably ended the Second World War”.

    He made the history bungle at his White House press conference while updating journos on the coronavirus pandemic rampaging through America.

    Moments before he was escorted to safety to the Oval Office during a shooting incident, Trump said: “The closest thing [to coronavirus] is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic.

    “It certainly was a terrible thing where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people – probably ended the Second World War.

    “All the soldiers were sick.

    “It was a terrible situation and this [coronavirus] is highly contagious, this one is highly, highly contagious.”

    But the Spanish flu broke out during January 1918 and lasted through till 1920, with an estimated 500 million people infected with the disease worldwide.

    It’s estimated the virus contributed to the deaths of between 50 million and 100 million across the globe.

    Trump was quickly teased on Twitter, with one man suggesting: “The kids don't need to go back to school. He does.”

    Another stunned person said that the president, “believes that the 1918 spanishflu happened in 1917 & that it ended the Second World War which ended in 1945.”

    And one woman tweeted: “Well maybe Covid19 will end WWIII.”

    Among those who died in the pandemic was Friedrich Trump, Donald Trump’s paternal grandfather.

    Others who contracted it and recovered were the wartime leaders of Britain and Germany as well as of the United States – including the future US president, Franklin Roosevelt, when he was assistant Navy secretary.

    A White House official told USA Today that Trump was talking about World War I, where more soldiers died from the disease than in battle.


    The Secret Service has provided more details of the shooting outside the White House.

    In a tweet late Monday, it explained that a 51-year-old male allegedly approached a Uniformed Division officer.

    That security guard was standing at his post on the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

    This particular intersection is right outside the White House grounds.

    The man allegedly told the agent he had a weapon.

    While he approached, sprinting, “in a drawing motion”, he “withdrew an object from his clothing,” the statement read.

    “The suspect then crouched into a shooter’s stance as if about to fire a weapon,” it added.

    At this point, the agent then fired his weapon, hitting the man's torso.

    The Secret Service said in a tweet that a male subject and a USSS officer were both taken to a local hospital.

    “At no time during this incident was the White House complex breached or were any protectees in danger,” the agency said, adding the investigation is ongoing.

    A law enforcement source told Fox News it appeared the wounds to the suspect in the officer-involved shooting are not fatal.


    Law enforcement officials are trying to determine a motive for the alleged gunman, 51, involved in a shooting incident outside the White House.

    A uniformed Secret Service officer shot and wounded a man during a confrontation that led to President Donald Trump being abruptly escorted out of a briefing room during a televised news conference Monday,

    Authorities are investigating whether the man had a history of mental illness, reports the Associated Press.

    The gunman's name and his condition have not as yet been officially released.

    However, the District of Columbia fire department said the man had suffered serious or possibly critical injuries.

    Tom Sullivan, chief of the Secret Service Uniformed Division, said the man had claimed he was armed.

    He then moved aggressively toward the officer, and appeared ready to fire before the officer shot him once.

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