EscapeHour, the Most Mind Blowing Escape Rooms in Calgary & Edmonton

Gaming doesn’t get more immersive than Escape Hour, the most unique entertainment experience you can find in Calgary or Edmonton. Both locations have 4 real escape rooms, where you are given a full hour of uninterrupted game-play. The experience is led, customized and monitored by a dedicated Game Master, who is an Escape Hour staff member who will custom tailor the experience to your group’s preferences. Each location has 4 to 5 different game types now, with more in development for the near future, including locker room and quest game scenarios.

Escape Hour is a mind-blowing experience for 2 to 10 players (or even up to 16 players with the Senator’s Battle available in Edmonton) depending on the game type you select. Each game is crafted to be thrilling, with twists, turns and other shocking developments that will keep you on your toes, and stump even the most analytical mind.

For example, how are you going to escape the Matrix if you suddenly became aware that you were stuck inside of it? Or perhaps you’re more interested in pulling off a bank heist, or retrieving a data probe that’s been analyzing a wormhole using your spaceship? Escape Hour features a variety of escape room. quest game scenarios, and more, custom tailored to your group.

Both locations have plans for expansion, including a fully immersive team VR experience, a Tron themed battle, as well as bringing the Edmonton exclusive “Bank Heist” and “Matrix Theme” to the Calgary location. Escape Hour is versatile, with set pieces and props that make each escape room an authenticate experience that completely immerses you into the gaming scenario.

Some of the games, such as the Lost Jewel of Zanzibar and the Bank Heist, are appropriate for adults, and children age 9 or older. The rest of the games are generally recommended for ages 13 or 15 and above. Your Game Master can help fine-tune your experience to cater to different difficulty options, so you could play with easier settings with younger players, or enact some of the more challenging rulesets for experienced players. Since your Game Master is a friendly Escape Hour employee, it’s easy to talk with them before the game begins to discuss the options available for your selected experience.

Whether you’re a kid, teen or just a child at heart, Escape Hour is the best escape from reality in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. If you’re interested in the most immersive locker room, escape room and quest game provider, look no further than Escape Hour!