Family of Andrew Brown to watch bodycam video of Elizabeth City police shooting

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The family of a North Carolina man shot dead by cops was set to view police bodycam footage of his death for the first time Monday — before the video is released to the public.

The release of the footage comes amid rising tension in Elizabeth City, where Andrew Brown was shot and killed while fleeing sheriff’s deputies last week — prompting officials to declare a state of emergency Monday.

“It’s so very important that we have transparency,” Ben Crump, an attorney for Brown’s family, told protesters gathered in the city,

Brown’s family was scheduled to view the footage before it is made public later in the day, according to a report by WAVY-TV.

Elizabeth City Mayor Bettie Parker said her emergency order, which went into effect at 8 a.m. Monday, comes as officials anticipate a “period of unrest” when video of the shooting death of Andrew Brown, a black man killed by sheriff’s deputies who were serving him a warrant Wednesday.

Parker said peaceful protests are welcome, but said: “our citizens and businesses must be protected from violence or damage.”

Protesters began to gather in the city early on Monday, WAVY said.

Brown, 42, a father of seven, was reported driving away from Pasquotank County sheriff’s deputies on Wednesday when he was shot and killed.

Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten released few details last week but said bodycam footage would be released following a preliminary investigation.

In the wake of the shooting three deputies resigned and seven others were placed on administrative leave in a shakeup at the department — although officials said the resignations, including a retirement, were unrelated.

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