Father who works between UK and UAE may not be able to see his family

Oil executive, 41, who works between Britain and UAE blasts ‘ridiculous’ UK border rules that will force him to pay £1,750 for quarantine hotel every time he returns – and could stop him seeing his wife and two children

  • David Taylor, 41, normally splits his time between the UAE and his family in UK
  • The UAE is now on the ‘red list’ of countries meaning he needs a quarantine hotel 
  • He may not be able to see his wife and two children due to the ‘ridiculous’ rules

A father may not be able to see his wife and children due to the ‘ridiculous’ border rules which means he has to shell out £1,750 every time he returns from work.

David Taylor, 41, normally splits his time equally in three-week blocks working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and being with his wife and their two children in north-east England.

But the Government’s decision to add the UAE to its ‘red list’ countries means he would need to go to a quarantine hotel for 10 days if he returns from Monday.

Mr Taylor said: ‘It’s ridiculous.

‘It’s putting a lot of pressure on my family because I’m away for longer.

The Government has put the UAE on its ‘red list’ which means anyone trvelling from that country must pay for a quarantine hotel

‘The kids don’t get to see me.

He described the £1,750 bill for staying in a quarantine hotel as ‘devastating’.

The oil industry worker is concerned that he will have difficulty finding an available room at a quarantine hotel when he is next due to return home in early March.

‘I think I’m going to have real problems booking a hotel, and if they’re full I can’t fly,’ he explained.

‘I’m then relying on the Government finding more hotels, and I don’t have any faith in that at all.’

Mr Taylor also expressed anger that the UK has banned direct flights from the UAE.

‘The UAE is full of expats and workers from the UK.

The new Government rules has caused chaos for many travellers who have been forced to cut short trips to make it back on time or even cancel flights entirely 

W8mediaTerminal 2 arrivals busy at Heathrow Airport with people coming back to the uk before Monday 15th feb new quarantine laws come into effect

‘We’re now going to have to go home via a different country and a different airline.

‘It’s ridiculous.

‘They’re so scared of me that they’re going to put me into quarantine, but they’ve pushed me onto a flight from France or wherever.

‘When that flight lands, I’ll go straight into quarantine but everybody sat next to me will then go home.

‘I just don’t get it.’

He added that around half the UAE’s population has received a coronavirus vaccine, and the country is being ‘picked on’ by the UK Government in response to anger over social media influencers visiting Dubai.

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