FBI tells mom of missing Kristin Smart, profiled on a popular podcast, to ‘be ready’ for ‘something you don’t expect’ – The Sun

The family of Kristin Smart, a college student who went missing nearly 25 years ago and the subject of a popular podcast, has been told by the FBI to “be ready."

Denise Smart, Kristin’s mom, told the Stockton Record the FBI said: “Be ready. This is really going to be something you don’t expect. We want to give you the support you need.”

The FBI also advised the family that they “might want to get away for a while,” and encouraged them to get a spokesperson.

Smart said, however, that the FBI did not tell the family when the news would be coming — so they are left waiting to find out what happened May 25, 1996.

“It’s like, ‘Can you give me the flight plan?’” Smart told the Stockton Record. “When is this happening?”

“I wish I knew when, because it’s very anxiety-producing."

She said she anticipates getting the news soon: "It’s probably imminently going to break, I would say within a month. Something’s going to happen.”

The family is hoping the update will give them answers to the many questions surrounding what happened to Kristin.

Her disappearance has remained a mystery for more than two decades after she vanished from California Polytechnic State University, where she was a student.

Smart even became the subject of a podcast, “Your Own Backyard,” as 31-year-old Chris Lambert, who was intrigued by the teen’s story, attempts to figure out what happened to her.

The 19-year-old freshman attended a frat party with her friends on the night of May 24, and was not seen after the early hours of the morning on May 25.

She was last with a man named Paul Flores, a food science major at the university who she met at the party, according to the Charley Project, which profiles cold cases.

Smart was not filed as a missing person by the police until long after she went missing, sparking anger and worry among her loved ones.

Flores has been repeatedly questioned by authorities about the case, and was at one point even offered a deal to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, though he rejected it.

Flores’ home was searched following Smart’s disappearance, cops did not find her body. Flores reportedly remains the top suspect in the case.

It is presumed Smart was kidnapped and killed, although authorities have never found her body. Six years after she went missing, Smart was declared presumed dead on May 25, 2002.

Following a tip in 2016, a California hillside was dug up, and bones found were tested, the LA Times reported.

The search, however, turned up nothing in regard to the case, CBS reported.

Denise told the Stockton Record she knew the dig would not turn up Smart's body.

“When they did the big dig, I had no anxiety,” she told Stockton Record. “I said 'she’s not there.'”

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