Feature of the Week : Louie_Da_13th

Louie Da 13, an emerging hip-hop singer from Queens, New York, introducing his new launch song “Call Me”. The lyrics are amazing, this song also reveals the emotions and feelings of man when he got breakup. He also reveals bachelorhood and broken heart attachments so don’t miss the chance to hear such awesome music. It definitely will relax your soul with love and he explains the reality of life.  His voice is so unique and attractive that the listener will definitely attract to his famous song “Call Me”. This song is his creative work during lockdown situation, his amazing and heart touching voice attract all type of human being especially young generation. His song motivates youth from the pandemic situation and explains the reality of life. He focuses on depression and emotional people because he wrote his famous song indoor time of covid-19. Because during lockdown he deeply understands the situations of the human being and their efforts. He wrote his song with his full session and not those artists how just used loud voices to attract people without any inspiration.

Louie De 13th is famous due to his inspiring characteristic and charming personality. In this music series, he talks about losses, imperfections, efforts, disappointments, problems, and difficulties in life. His style is so unique and stunning that every person who wants to sing a song to impress others will definitely appreciate him. The focus of interest is that he wrote this song in his segregated lifetime, he uses some special ideas and treks which impact everyday working tasks. The reason behind writing the song is that he did not want to allow the pandemic situation in his life.

He is a famous rapper because he explains only real-life problems from daily life which attracts others. He is a stunning artist due to his beating style, his lyrical style makes him unique from the others. His songs are so popular in various magazines and all the platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and apple music. He is one of them who attract rap lovers to his song “Call Me” and encourages them with valuable language.