Filipino sausage factory worker dies after being pulled into machine

Sausage factory worker is killed after being sucked headfirst into a meat-mixing machine in Philippines

  • Jomar Junco, 18, had been working at the factory in Iloilo City for two weeks
  • He was using mixing machine around 7.30am Saturday when his arm got caught  
  • Machine pulled him into the mechanism where it is believed he suffocated 
  • Coworkers saw Jomar’s legs sticking out and tried to save him, but it was too late

Jomar Junco, 18, a sausage factory worker in the Philippines, died after getting dragged into a meat mixing machine on Saturday

A sausage factory worker has died in the Philippines after being dragged headfirst into a meat mixing machine.

Jomar Junco, 18, had only been working at the factory in Iloilo City for two weeks before he was killed on Saturday. 

The horror accident unfolded around 7.30am when it is thought the teenager got his right arm caught in the mechanism and it dragged him inside.

Jomar did not know how to work the machine, which was supposed to be operated by coworker Carl David Carlos, who was more experienced, local media said.

The accident happened when Carl stepped away for a moment and Jomar tried to operate the machine alone.

When the shocked coworker returned he saw Jomar’s legs sticking out of the machine and rushed to turn it off, but it was too late to save him.

Police were called and managed to extract his still intact body from the machine.

Funeral director Ardee Porras told local media that she believes Jomar actually died by suffocation.

‘He was not grinded, he was just stuck,’ Police Major Mark Evan Salvo added.

Police are investigating the death as a matter of routine, and say that no evidence of foul play has been uncovered.

Jasielor Jaleco, the owner of the factory, said Junco’s job was to pack finished products and that he should not have been operating any machinery.

Police said the tragedy happened when Jocar, who had only worked at the factory for two weeks, tried to operate the machine alone without proper training and got his arm stuck

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