Forget dangerous dogs… I was mauled by my neighbour's CAT

Forget dangerous dogs… I was mauled by my neighbour’s CAT – there was blood everywhere

  • EXCLUSIVE: Kimberley Eyre, 38, was attacked by a Tom cat in garden in Earby
  • She was left dripping blood on the floor after the feline bit through her wrist 
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A mother-of-two has suffered horrific injuries after being attacked outside her own home – by a neighbour’s cat.

Child carer Kimberley Eyre, 38, was left dripping in blood when the feral feline clawed and bit her arm down to the tendons. 

The ferocious attack only ended when a factory worker heard her shrieks of pain and terror and kicked the cat off. 

Kimberley, of Earby, Lancashire, is on maternity leave from her job at a residential children’s home. 

The carer, who has a daughter, four, and a five month old son, was inside cleaning her a carpet when she heard cats screeching in the garden. 

Kimberley Eyre, 38, was at home with her two children when she heard the cats fighting outside and went to intervene 

Her wrist was ravaged by an aggressive Tom cat who had attacked her one-year-old cat Maximus Minx 

‘I was inside and heard a rigmarole from outside,’ said Kimberley. She was cleaning the carpet inside wearing a T-shirt and sliders on her feet. 

She ran out to find her one-year-old cat Maximus Minx cowering under the bench with a big Tom cat fighting him. 

‘I recognised the tabby and white Tom as one that had been coming into by garden for about a month, and I had been throwing water at it to discourage it,’ said Kimberley, who also has a rabbit and a chicken in the garden. 

‘I tried to rescue my cat by putting my hand under the bench and I grabbed the Tom. 

The injuries were cleaned and dressed and Kimberley was given a course of antibiotics. She is still in pain and her arm is swollen

Blood on the floor from Kimberley’s cat-inflicted wounds. She went to the hospital, where a nurse said it was the worst cat cut she had ever seen 

‘I then put him down on the ground and he looked up at me and then suddenly launched itself at my arm. 

‘He wrapped his legs around my arm with his claws piercing my skin to keep hold and then he tore into my wrist with his teeth. 

‘It was very painful and scary. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I’ve never known a cat behave in that manner before. 

‘I was screaming and a factory worker from nearby ran to help me. I managed to squeeze the cat off my arm and it then started to attack my cat again. 

Kimberley has warned other villagers about the vicious cat and says she is scared to let her small children go in the garden 

‘The factory worker kicked the cat away, but it came again and he kicked it away again and then it started to attack him. ‘The Tom was fearless and snarling and ferocious. But it eventually stopped attacking. 

‘I was left covered in blood and with deep cuts to my arm and wrist. The but mark exposed my tendons and was about an inch long. 

‘I can’t believe a cat could cause such bad injuries. It is more like a dog attack.’

Kimberley went to Airedale General Hospital, in Steeton, West Yorkshire, where the nurse said it was the worst cat wound she had ever seen. 

The injuries were cleaned and dressed and Kimberley was given a course of antibiotics. She is still in pain and her arm is swollen. 

‘I’m terrified of letting my little girl into the back yard because if the cat attacks her it could be very serious,’ said Kimberley. 

Kimberley has warned other villagers to be on their guard if they come across the cat.

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