Gardener child's car BOOSTER SEAT to capture rampaging black boar

Gardener tells how he used his child’s car BOOSTER SEAT to capture rampaging black boar that terrorised golf club and left two players in hospital

  • James Hart, 45, described coming face to face with the ‘flipping massive’ boar
  • He spent two hours trying to corral animal into a trailer using a child booster seat
  • Two black boars stormed greens of Lightcliffe Golf Club in West Yorkshire
  • Horrified golfer required a tetanus shot after being bitten by rampaging boar

A gardener used his child’s booster seat to capture a rampaging black boar that terrorised a golf club and hospitalised two players.

James Hart, 45, had only popped out to pick up his wife’s car when he came face to face with the ‘flipping massive’ Vietnamese hog on a roadside in Lightcliffe, West Yorkshire on Sunday.

The hulking pig was part of a pair that mowed down players at a nearby golf club, resulting in one man requiring a tetanus shot.

Mr Hart, a local resident, said he called the police and RSPCA at the beginning of the two-hour ordeal while attempting to steer the pig away from oncoming traffic.

He finally managed to capture the animal when a passing farmer pulled up with a trailer and, together with another woman, they corralled the animal inside.

Rather than describing his horror, though, Mr Hart said the entire incident was ‘hilarious’ and recalled using his child’s booster seat to keep the boar from harm.

A pair of pigs caused chaos by storming the green and digging holes at the Lightcliffe Golf Club in Halifax, West Yorkshire, on Sunday

The black pigs subsequently returned on Tuesday and hurt a male worker at the site who had attempted to usher them off the nine-hole course

James Hart, 45, only popped out to pick up his wife’s car when he ended up using a booster seat to corral one of the escaped boars into a trailer

Mr Hart, a farmer and police were finally able to corral the reluctant boar into the trailer without harm

He said: ‘It was hilarious. I only popped out to get the car.

‘I thought it was a big dog, so I picked my dog up but as I got closer, I could see it was a pig. Now and again, it tried to get at me.

‘Sometimes it was quite calm, but every so often, it looked like it had enough and went to attack us.

‘The nearest thing I had to hand in the car was a booster seat, so we used that.

‘It wanted to go back to the golf course, so we stopped the traffic and ushered it across the road, and it went in.’ 

Mr Hart was assisted by a passing farmer and woman who said she kept pigs.

With the help of police, they were able to bring the resolve the unexpected incident.

Mr Hart continued: ‘A chap was passing, who is a local farmer, and he said “I’ve got a trailer.. Shall I go and get it?”‘

Mr Hart used a booster seat to stop the boar from moving into oncoming traffic in a street in Lightcliffe, West Yorkshire

A police officer shines a torch as members of the public try to corral a large boar into a farmer’s trailer

Club member David McKidd, 40, said the animals, thought to be Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, were first spotted on Sunday, injuring a man by causing cuts to his leg

Mr Hart said the boar was largely calm. bit ‘every so often it looked like it had enough and went to attack us’

‘He came back 20 minutes later with his trailer and two boards of wood, and between me and the police officer, we managed to get him in.

‘He was reluctant to go in, but we managed to get him into this trailer.’

No one was injured corralling the pig, but Mr Hart added ‘it could have been nasty’ if the boar had made its way to a nearby school.

Earlier in the day, Lightcliffe Golf Club professional David McKidd, 40, said he was the first to spot the pigs, which injured a man by causing cuts to his leg.  

He added: ‘They were running round, knocking over people’s golf bags and charging at people.

‘I’ve never known a course had to shut for this reason.’

The golf club has since reopened and both hogs have now been reunited with their owner. 

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