German oompah bands have to avoid the horse manure at Oktoberfest

Oops! German oompah bands have to show some fancy footwork to avoid the horse manure at Oktoberfest

  • German oompah band had to watch their step as a pile of horse manure in Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany
  • Arie Kopelman captured the footage and sent it to his daughter Jill Kargman who posted the clip on Twitter
  • The opening weekend of the 186th Oktoberfest celebration has now entered into its second day in the city 
  • Attendees donned traditional Bavarian clothing along with array of bushy beards as part of costume parade 

German oompah bands were met with an unwelcome addition to the Oktoberfest parade as a pile of horse manure was left in the middle of the street. 

Footage shows children waving to the crowds, donning traditional Bavarian clothing including dirndls for women and lederhosen for men, in Munich, Germany.

Attendees also sported an array of incredibly bushy beards as part of the costume parade as the 186th Oktoberfest celebration entered into its second day. 

The video shows a man put his hand out just in time to stop a young girl falling into the muck while the deep brass oompah band can be overheard. 

Arie Kopelman captured the hilarious footage and sent it to his daughter Jill Kargman who posted the clip on Twitter with the caption: ‘My parents are at the Oktoberfest parade in Germany watching everyone avoid the steaming pile of horse s***.’ 

The annual event was kicked off yesterday by Mayor Dieter Reiter who inserted the tap in the first keg with two blows of a hammer before handing the first litre to Bavarian governor Markus Soeder. 

But beer prices have increased again this year with a litre jug now costing up to 11.80 euros (£10.42) which is an increase of 30 cent.

The pile of horse manure lies in the middle of the road during the Oktoberfest parade. Men, women and children have to watch their step to avoid spoiling their traditional Bavarian clothing. One man stretches out his hand (right) to prevent a young girl falling into the muck in the middle of the street in Munich, Germany

The annual Oktoberfest celebration has now entered its second day in Munich. People donned traditional clothing and a whole host of men took the opportunity to show off their beards including one who sported a brooch depicting King Ludwig II of Bavaria

A costume parade took place at the beer festival, which is now in its 186th year, as a band joined those marching through the streets

The parade that is a tradition in the world’s biggest beer festival crossed over to the Theresienwiese fair grounds. Here one gentleman sports a bushy beard with billowing feathers in his cap

Revelers strained for a one-litre mug of beer on the first day of the event following the tap of the first keg by Mayor Dieter Reiter

Some wore more regional Bavarian folk dress to the annual festival which will run until October 6

Another man sporting bristling facial hair was one of the six million people expect to attend the event before it draws to a close next month

The event is being policed by around 600 officers and security guards as well as 50 doctors. Here, women adorned their traditional dress with bright coloured flowers

Oktoberfest guests had to rush to the beer tents when the event opened its gates to get a coveted spot on the wooden benches that line the inside and can seat up to 11,000 people

One participant beamed as he too showed off his shaggy beard while also sporting a cap and a chain-mail vest 

Many rode along in extravagant carriages and looked across to the crowds of people that had gathered. This woman shouted across to spectators as she was accompanied by two men

Both adults and children took part in the parade for the event which is being policed by around 600 officers and security guards as well as 50 doctors

One man with shoulder-length hair sported a historical costume that included a vibrant red hat contrasted with black feathers

A brass band provided a musical accompaniment to the parade and played a range of traditional, upbeat, folk songs 

Another participant, who had fashioned her own version of a one-litre beer jug, rode through the crowds on a horse as she waved to those watching on

A more modest beard grower wore a hat decorated with a huge tuft of chamois hair called Gamsbart

Those in the parade carried traditional weapons over their shoulders as they marched in formation through the Munich streets in matching attire

Women accessorised the traditional dirndl with flowers, jewellery and a selection of pendents and brooches. They carried blankets and small wicker bags in their hands

One woman wore particularly prominent headgear that was adorned with hundreds of beads and mirrors

Six men rode in to the celebrations in style as they steered a horse pulled cart down the busy German streets

Street artists entertained the thousands of attendees that had gathered at the central fair ground

Attendees to the beer celebration were also treated to maypole dancing, fun fair rides and snack huts. The most popular things to eat at the festival are grilled chicken, pork knuckles and oxen

Revelers enjoyed drinking beer inside the Hofbrau beer tent. Servers are renowned for able to carry up to ten beer steins at once

Beer prices have increased again this year with a litre jug now costing up to 11.80 euros (£10.42) which is an increase of 30 cent as group celebrate together

Women who had draped their heads in traditional white veils joined the celebrations. The popular festival has been cancelled 24 times but usually only in the face of war or cholera outbreaks

Jesters also perform in the annual parade as spectators lined both sides of the streets  

Members of a tradition association attended in a range of hats as crowds looked on in the background 

Participants performed the Schuhplattler folk dance inside the traditional dancing tent after marching in the annual parade

The ‘oompah’ bands entertained drinkers at Oktoberfest and are famous for their unusual regional brass instruments, including the Alpenhorn

Members of the regional folk groups removed their elaborate headwear upon their arrival in the Schottenhamel beer tent

Earthenware beer mugs from the Augustiner Braeu brewery line a table. The one-litre mugs are equivalent to more than two pints of beer which is made stronger for the festival at six per cent

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Interestingly, it is forbidden to drink any beer other than Munich-brewed beer at Oktoberfest as one woman grips on tight to her beverage

Two patrons were downed their beers inside one of the beer tents. The amount of beer drunk at Oktoberfest could fill more than three Olympic-sized swimming pools

A Bavarian elder in traditional clothing joined the crowds using the escalators to reach the event. The popularity of the event apparently caused overcrowding in beer tents when the gates first opened yesterday

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