Ghislaine Maxwell's suspected husband 'threatened to use Tasers and neck-holds on intruders' at their $2.4m mansion

GHISLAINE Maxwell’s suspected husband told cops he would use a high level of force on those who approached the home he reportedly shared with the ex of Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell’s beau, Scott Borgerson, 44, wrote to the chief of police in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, that he was prepared to use a “level four use of force” against intruders.

According to the, Borgerson, a former US Coast Guard officer, penned the letter in August 2019 after journalists knocked on the front door of his $2.4million home.

“I am thinking level four use of force,” the tech CEO reportedly told the interim chief, Todd Fitzgerald.

“I am starting physical patrols of my property today on a random and rotating schedule.”

Borgerson reportedly asked “what are my rights” if a reporter were to approach his house again.

“What I would like to do is to detain them and call (the police) once the subject is 'secured,’” he wrote. “I am starting physical patrols of my property today on a random and rotating schedule.”

Many law enforcement agencies throughout the US have use of force ranking systems, most of which includes six levels.

A level four, as noted by Borgerson, could include pepper-spraying and Tasering.

Specific language used by police departments differ, but one definition as noted by the Mail includes “any vehicle pursuit resulting in death, serious physical injury or injuries requiring treatment at a hospital.”

A level five use of force includes chokeholds and level six includes deadly force.

Days after he sent his email to the police chief, Borgerson sent another email that said he was taking his family to New Hampshire and said he “blanketed” his property with security cameras.

He said he also installed “No Trespassing” signs on the driveway of his multi-million dollar home.

“Several military/intelligence friends will be house sitting for me while I'm away,” Maxwell’s alleged lover told cops, before adding he was apparently in touch with Ed Davis, the former police commissioner in Boston.

Borgerson wrote: “His security firm who says he knows you and that you have worked well together in the past.

“We've agreed they will remain on standby and they will coordinate our personal security should we again come under siege.”

Per, Fitzgerald responded: “Thanks for the update. We will continue the extra patrols of the area so I would let your friends know we will be in the area.”

Maxwell, 58 — who has refused to name her mystery husband to prosecutors — is believed to have lived with Borgerson before disappearing last year.

According to sources, they bought a huge house together on a private estate in Manchester-by-the-Sea in 2016 before falling foul of the locals.

One pal, who did not want to be named, recently told The Sun On Sunday: "Ghislaine was always very polite and well dressed — she was definitely living there for a while.

"I thought her and Scott were husband and wife — they seemed really happy together.

"Upstairs they had two kids’ bedrooms with toys everywhere and I thought they were their kids but I found out they were Scott’s from his previous marriage.

"They were very friendly. When I found out what she’d been accused of I was shocked,” the friend said. "I only saw her in sweat pants one time – the other times she was all done up looking good."

Another local in Manchester-by-the-Sea added: "She’s been here since the beginning. She introduced herself to people as ‘G.’”

Maxwell, who began peddling environmentalism in recent years, is said to have met Borgerson at a conference for the Arctic Circle in Iceland in 2013.

Six months later, in April 2014, Borgerson cited an "irretrievable breakdown" in his marriage to wife Rebecca, divorce papers obtained by The Sun On Sunday show.

Heiress Maxwell is said to have bragged to friends that the 6ft 5inch former Coast Guard officer was her "Navy SEAL".

Documents from 2016 show that someone using the alias "Jennifer Ellmax” — reported to be an alias of Maxwell — was listed with Borgerson as the new owner of the seven-bedroom home in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

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