Golden loaf may be world’s most expensive bread after hitting market at £1,200

If you ever thought that you were paying too much for avocado on toast, this golden loaf would make you reconsider.

Created by Baker Juan Manuel Moreno in Malaga, Spain this bread is literally worth its weight in gold.

The lavish recipe uses one gram of gold and one gram of silver and the price would make even Paul Hollywood balk.

Just one 400 gram loaf would cost £1,172 (1,380 euros) and it is considered to be the most expensive loaf of bread in the world.

But the baker has made clear that this isn’t just for any bread lover.

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Because of its extremely high price tag it is only reserved for the super rich.

“[The] bread is expensive because its ingredients are more selective,” Mr Moreno said in an interview.

It's not just the gold and silver that is expensive as the rest of the recipe also uses costly ingredients.

“They are more exclusive. And it has very valuable ingredients.”

The gold and silver is carefully measured and added to the bread mix before baking to add an extra level of flare to the creation.

Moreno’s company ships their product to affluent customers all around the world.

Customers have received their orders of golden bread in countries such as the United States, China, Russia and even some from the United Arab Emirates.

If you don’t have the extra cash for the shipping fees however, you can also purchase the “Golden Bread” in Moreno’s Pan Piña bakery located in the Malaga Province in southern Spain.

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