Great white sharks circle huge whale as they wait to pounce on their prey

This incredible photo captures tiny great white sharks circling around a massive whale as they prepare to pounce.

The fin whale became beached around 100 metres from homes in Cheynes Beach, Albany in Western Australia.

And photographer Mat Beetson managed to picture the menacing moment the little sharks wait for their meal.

The snap has won the top award at the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 and Mr Beetson walked off with the £5,500 prize.

He also bagged a Coral Expeditions cruise for his photograph called "Fin Whale's Demise".

The photographer used a drone to capture the spectacular shot earlier this year.

Two sharks can be seen at the whale lays stranded in the surf on the beach.

The picture’s caption said: "The fin whale is sighted regularly in this region; seeing one beached, however, is rare.

"The whale sits less than 5m from shore and 100m from residential homes, giving whale researchers access to an unusual occurrence for this species."

Speaking since the win, Mr Beetson said: "I was actually in the Great Southern region of Western Australia to photograph the beautiful beaches but a turn in weather with a crazy storm made it a little tough to fly a drone.

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