Harrowing last video shows man 'plunging to his death' from rescue helicopter after horror cable car crash

THIS is the shocking moment a man "plunged to his death" from a rescue helicopter after a horror cable car crash.

The unknown victim was being airlifted from Trikut Hills in the Deoghar district, India, where a cable car crash had claimed three lives and left 50 others stranded in the air.

In a shocking clip, the man can be seen swinging from a rope while a helicopter team attempt to pull him in. 

At first, it appears the rescue is successful – but a few seconds later, tragedy ensues.

Video shows the man – who is hanging from the chopper – appearing to lose his grip and he plummets to the ground below. 

Local reports claim the man has died, however this has not yet been confirmed by authorities. 

A woman was also injured during a separate rescue attempt at the scene. 

In a separate clip, the woman can be seen dangling from a rope attached to a helicopter – not visible in view – before suddenly dropping into what appears to be a forest below. 

The woman was rushed to hospital but her condition is not known. 

According to local reports, three people – including two women – died from their injuries from the cable car collision. 

Eight people are currently undergoing treatment at Deoghar Sadar Hospital.

One of those who were trapped, Sandip told The Times of India: “I can’t explain the experience of hanging in the air in a car at night, total darkness. 

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

Initial reports indicate the accident may have occurred due to a technical issue with officials believing one car became dislodged from its wire and crashed into the other.

The rescue operation has been undertaken by the army, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and National Disaster Response Force. 

The ropeway manager and other employees allegedly fled the area after the accident.

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