Hotel guest almost stumbles into a large bear in California

Barely aware! ‘Tipsy’ hotel guest walks right up to a brown bear going through the garbage without noticing it

  • A hotel guest walked towards the car park and stumbled into a large bear
  • The bear was rummaging through food rubbish in Lake Tahoe in California 
  • A hotel worker shouts out a warning to the man who did not see the bear 
  • Bears in California are eating around the clock preparing for hibernation  

This is the moment a guest who allegedly had too much to drink stumbles upon a bear rummaging through rubbish outside their hotel in Lake Tahoe, California. 

A hotel worker was filming the bear when the man unexpectedly walked into shot. 

In their footage, the worker filming can be heard calling out the warning ‘bear, bear, bear’. 

The apparently oblivious man casually waves back and the bear swings round to take a closer look.

A masked hotel guest was completely unaware that a large black bear was rummaging through rubbish outside a hotel in Lake Tahoe, California 

As the person walks around the corner they spot the bear rummaging for food 

The man appears to dash off to safety and the bear also runs off after being disturbed on its hunt for food in preparation for hibernation.  

Last week a resident in South Lake Tahoe in California filmed a bear climbing along a fence in their back yard.

The young bear balanced itself precariously on top of the six-foot wooden fence while it was being secretly filmed. 

 In October, a UPS driver in the same area was given a shock when  a brown bear stormed him as he dropped off a package.

In a brief clip from October, the UPS worker just manages to drop off the package when he notices the small but deadly brown bear.

Luckily, the bear storms right past him and he is able to get out the way. 

Somewhat fortunately for the hotel guest, the bear was looking in the opposite direction when they walked to within a couple of feet of the wild animal

The area around South Lake Tahoe, which is in the Sierra Nevada mountains, has been badly affected in recent years by wildfires which have destroyed the habitat for much of the area’s wildlife. 

Black bears in the Lake Tahoe area are commonly between 100-200lbs for females and 250-350lbs for males. 

However according to Keep Tahoe Bears Wild, if they have regular access to human food, bears are able to dramatically increase their weight, with males in excess of 600lbs recorded around the lake. 

The bears are omnivores and some 85 per cent of their diet is plant based, though they have an incredibly powerful sense of smell and can detect food from several miles away.  

From mid-August, bears prepare for hibernation eating as much as possible while females give birth in February before re-emerging in April.  

However, bears that have been eating human food wait until January to enter hibernation. 

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