How 'Doppelganger Killer' hunted five lookalikes before butchering victim & dumping body for her own parents to find | The Sun

A DOPPELGANGER allegedly murdered her own lookalike and dumped her body for her parents to find in an elaborate plot to fake her own death.

Police revealed Sharaban K allegedly approached up to five different women as she carefully selected a victim on social media.

She is claimed to have tried to lure the women to meet her so she could kill them.

And unfortunately, one potential victim is said to have been duped – Khadidja O.

The 23-year-old was stabbed 50 times and had her face disfigured so badly that she could not be recognised.

Sharaban and her accomplice allegedly then dumped the body – hoping Khadidja would be mistaken for her and she could vanish.


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But cops now believe they have unravelled the case after the killing August 2022.

Sharaban and her friend Sheqir K, 23, have both been arrested over the the death of Khadidja.

The pair face life in prison if they are found guilty of murdering the young woman.

It is a case that has completely shocked Germany – being dubbed "The Doppelganger Murder".

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Police believe Sharaban, from Ingolstadt, approached between three and five women as she launched her elaborate plot to fake her own death.

"She wanted to start a new life somewhere, we believe that this was somewhere abroad," a police official told The Sun Online.

"An because of all this, she got very busy on social media and began looking for women that looked as similar as possible to her – so that she could kill them.

"From what we have been able to determine so far, we believe that it was all her plan and she had been planning the murder for several weeks."

And in a further twist in the case, Khadidja had received messages from someone posing as the rapper Lune, who has some 200,000 followers on Instagram and a million fans on Spotify.

Police have said at this stage they have not been able to confirm a connection with the messages from "Lune" and Sharaban.

Khadidja, from Heilbronn, however felt something felt strange and dangerous about it all, she then sent the video and a voice mail to the real Lune.

She asked her to confirm the message is real.

"I hope you see it and can answer me because I'm very, very insecure” she said.

“A woman wrote to me for a video shoot, allegedly from you… Would be really cool if you tell me if this is real or fake."

Lune replied and told her the message was fake – warning her not to follow up on it.

Khadidja however then fell for another trap, this time allegedly set by Sharaban K, and met up with her suspected killers.

The young woman, agreed to meet up on the promise of a "cosmetics offer".

Sharaban and Sheqir are then alleged to have picked up the young woman from her home.

And then they stopped in a stretch of woodland between Heilbronn and Ingolstadt.

It is there they are alleged to have stabbed Khadidja to death before putting her body in the backseat and leaving it in Ingolstadt.

The body was discovered by Sharaban's parents on August 16.

Khadidja's body had been so badly disfigured that initially the family believed she was Sharaban.

"When [the parents] found the car it was locked, but they could see a corpse on the back seat," police official Andreas Aichele told The Sun Online.

"As they were unable to open the car, they then called the police and we sent officers.

"And her once we opened the car door it became quite clear that we were dealing with a crime scene.

"The woman had been stabbed many times and her body was extremely wounded and disfigured."

But only after an autopsy were questions were raised – and it was discovered the body was Khadidja.

Her DNA and fingerprints did not match and the mystery deepened – sparking a search for Sharaban.

Police managed to track the suspect down after she was spotted driving a car by someone who recognised her and she was then caught on CCTV at a pizzeria.

Sharaban and Sheqir were both detained on remand on suspicious of manslaughter on August 19.

And last week had arrest warrants issued for them on suspicion of murder, with the two being held in different prisons.

"At the moment, she is not saying anything to police, which is her right, said police.

Cops confirmed they do not know who did the stabbing at this stage.

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