'I bought Lucy Letby's home' where she lived as she killed babies

‘I bought Lucy Letby’s home’: Man reveals he bought £200,000 semi-detached property where nurse lived as she killed babies and stashed evidence of her murders

  • Lucy Letby will die in jail after being given 14 whole life sentences earlier today
  • ‘Devil’ nurse convicted of murdering seven newborns and trying to kill six more

The man who bought Lucy Letby’s home has told how he knew she had been accused of murdering babies when he purchased the property.

Dean Porter, a wind turbine technician, paid £201,000 in 2019 for the three-bedroom semi-detached property in Chester where monster Letby was arrested.

Speaking to MailOnline today, Mr Porter said: ‘I was aware of the previous owner’s background when I bought it. I was told by the estate agent what was going on but obviously I’ve got nothing to do with the previous owner.

‘I was made aware of what had happened when I bought the house. It got released during the investigation and told it was fine to buy it.’

When asked to comment on what it was like living in a house once owned by the serial killer, he declined to comment.

Dean Porter, a wind turbine technician, paid £201,000 in 2019 for the three-bedroom semi-detached property in Chester where Lucy Letby was arrested

Pictured: The three-bedroom semi-detached property in Chester where Lucy Letby was arrested

Letby, 33, moved into the house after leaving nurse’s accommodation on the site of the hospital

Letby’s bright living room area features a cosy-looking chair and a corner sofa

Letby’s house was where crucial evidence was found that helped convict her of seven murders and seven counts of attempted murder.

Inside a diary, detectives found a damning Post-it note, covered in scrawled writing, including the damning words: ‘I AM EVIL. I DID THIS’.

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The former neo-natal nurse bought the semi-detached property in Chester for just under £179,000 in April 2016, at the same time as she was carrying out her secret killing spree at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Two years later the house would be raided by crime scene investigators who found the trove of incriminating evidence.

Letby, 33, moved into the house after leaving nurse’s accommodation on the site of the hospital.

The house has French doors out into the garden and backs on to Blacon Crematorium which, eerily, has a memorial garden for babies.

Photos of Letby’s untidy home were shown to the jury at Manchester Crown Court by the prosecution in the 24th week of the marathon trial which has just ended with 14 whole life terms for Britain’s most prolific child killer in modern times.

Jurors were told the defendant was first arrested at the house at 6am on July 3, 2018.

A distressed Letby wiped away tears as photographs of her bedroom – taken by a crime scene investigator – appeared on screen in court.

On the bedroom walls there were two framed pictures containing the slogans Shine Like A Diamond and Leave Sparkles Wherever You Go.

Two teddy bears were positioned on an unmade double bed while among items on the floor were a red suitcase, a large burgundy handbag and a small black handbag, the court heard.

Prosecutor Philip Astbury said three handwritten notes were recovered by police from one of the handbags.

Letby’s dining room, with space for four at the table, in an open-plan living space

Her modern kitchen features well-kept appliances and lots of spacious cupboards

The spacious bathroom included a standing shower and a large bath under a window

The second bedroom is light and airy, with a large bed and spacious wardrobe complete with a full-length mirror

The garden also featured a wooden lattice against her neighbour’s shed 

The Chester property featured a large lawn, with some shrubs against the semi-detached home’s shared fence

The notes contained closely written words which filled the pages and included declarations of love for a doctor colleague, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

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Next to his name was ‘I loved you’ and ‘my best friend’.

Also contained in the notes were the words ‘Help Me’, ‘I Can’t Do This Any More’ and ‘How Can Life Be This Way’.

Jurors were told that a 2016 diary was recovered from a chest of drawers.

A reference to ‘twins’ was recorded for April 8, the date of birth for two twin boys Letby was found guilty of attempting to murder.

On April 9 a note stating ‘twin resus’ [resuscitation] was made.

Further entries on June 23, 24 and 25 included initial letters which the Crown say related to three other babies, including two triplet boys, that Letby allegedly attacked on those dates following her return from a holiday to Ibiza. The jury found Letby guilty on the two triplet boy murders, and could not reach a verdict on the third child.

Mr Astbury said a green Post-it note, shown to jurors at the start of Letby’s trial was found inside the diary.

Part of the note read ‘I don’t deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough to care for them’, ‘I am a horrible evil person’ and in capital letters ‘I am evil I did this’.

An A4-size piece of paper containing similarly jumbled handwritten notes was also found in the diary, the court heard.

One sentence read: ‘I killed them. I don’t know if I killed them. Maybe I did. Maybe this is down to me.’

The former neo-natal nurse bought the semi-detached property in Chester for just under £179,000 in April 2016, while she was carrying out her secret killing spree at the Countess of Chester Hospital

Letby – wearing a blue hoodie with glittery pink strings – is taken from her house in handcuffs after being arrested by Cheshire Police in July 2018 

Letby steps into the police car – telling officers to be careful because she had just had knee surgery 

Children’s nurse Lucy Letby (pictured in a custody photo, left; and while working in hospital, right) went on a year-long killing spree while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital

Underneath her bed an Ibiza bag was found containing four shift handover sheets for the dates of June 23, June 24, June 25 and June 28, 2016, the court heard.

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Also in the bag was her NHS ‘registered children’s nurse’ work badge.

A Morrisons shopping bag recovered from the bedroom contained 31 handover sheets, a blood gas reading for a child she allegedly attacked and a paper towel containing handwritten resuscitation notes.

Searches also took place on July 3, 2018 at Letby’s parents’ home in Hereford and at the defendant’s workplace at the hospital’s risk and patient safety office.

An annual leave request form from Letby – covered with untidily written jumbled words – was found in a blue folder of papers during the office search, the court heard.

Hearts were doodled on the form along with random words ‘Tigger’, ‘Smudge’, ‘Bergerac’ and ‘Help Me’. Tigger and Smudge were later revealed to be the names of rescue cats that Letby owned.

Sentences scrawled across the form included ‘I trusted you with everything and loved you’, ‘I really can’t do this any more, I just want life to be as it was,’ ‘I want to be happy in the job that I loved… really don’t belong anywhere, I’m a problem to those who do know me and it would be much easier for everyone if I just went away’.

Letby was re-arrested at her parents’ home on June 10, 2019 and November 11, 2020.

Letby wept in court as her bedroom was shown. Pictured: The bedroom, complete with her inspirational wall hangings and plant

Photographs of Lucy Letby’s untidy bedroom were released following her conviction. A canvas on the wall bears the slogan: ‘Leave sparkles wherever you go’

Lucy Letby’s childlike bedroom at her home in Chester. It has fairy lights around the bed posts, floral curtains, stuffed toys on the bed and wall hangings that read ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’ and ‘happy prosecco season’

The photos show cuddly toys scattered across the bed, with a duvet cover bearing floral patterns and butterflies

An image of the corner of Lucy Letby’s bedroom shows pink suitcases, a Sports Direct bag stuffed with clothes, as well as two handbags. A pink hoodie is seen in the reflection of a free-standing mirror

In one ‘confession’ she described herself as an ‘awful person’ before writing ‘I AM EVIL I DID THIS’ (pictured)

In other notes seized by police, Letby had written ‘hate my life’, ‘can’t do this anymore’ and ‘HELP’

A search of the garage at the property on June 10 revealed another handwritten note in a black bin bag.

Phrases on that note included ‘killing me softly’, ‘broken hearted’ and ‘no one will ever know what happened or why’.

Six pages of medical notes of children unrelated to the trial were found at her parents’ home on the same date.

A total of 257 handover sheets were recovered during searches in the investigation, of which 21 included the names of babies in the indictment.

The police photos of Letby’s house were in stark contrast to those shown when Letby decided to sell the property – in December 2019 for £201,000 – following her arrest. 

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