I built a 7ft fence to get some privacy… but my neighbour responded in the most petty way imaginable | The Sun

A FED-UP homeowner put up a 7ft fence around their garden for privacy – only for their petty neighbour to install a camera overlooking it.

The anonymous resident, who lives in Texas, said they have been having problems with their neighbour for years.

Tired of their next-door's antics, the householder decided to put up a 7ft fence.

But they were left stunned when their neighbour decided to get back at them in the most ridiculous way.

The homeowner wrote on Reddit: "I've been having problems with this neighbour since they moved in years ago.

"Decided to build a privacy fence and be done with them once and for all.

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"One month later they raise the height of their fence and this [a camera] pops up."

The disgruntled resident claims police won't do anything about the camera and they can't afford a civil lawsuit.

But social media users were quick to suggest ways to hit back at their nosey neighbour.

One commented: "Put a pinwheel on your fence, just in front of the camera.

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"Keep that thing’s view blocked and motion detector alerting at all time."

To which another replied: "That is an amazing idea, cheap, effective, legal."

Another user suggested: "Stick up a post with a camera doing the exact same thing lol. Even if it’s a fake one."

And a third said: "Just raise your fence about two feet (but only right in front of the camera).

"Alternatively, place a small mirror on a stick so the camera can film itself and nothing else.

"Lastly, get a laser and just point it directly at the camera at night."

It comes after a man whose neighbour put up a brand new fence right in front of his ended up having the last laugh.

Alex McCormick said he had a dispute with a "petty" neighbour which resulted in them putting up a new fence – but found a way to come out on top.

Footage shared on TikTok shows his neighbour's new fence accompanied by the words "how to get a new fence for free".

As the camera pans away from the new panels, viewers can see an old discoloured fence lying on the ground in his garden.

And Alex reveals that he has discovered another easy life hack in just three simple steps.

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He said: "Have your petty neighbour build a new fence directly against yours."

He then follows this by saying: "Tear out your old fence. Profit?"

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