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A COLD War expert has assembled a "nuclear war survival kit" out of easy-to-find items from Amazon and eBay.

Author Taras Young, who wrote the books "Nuclear War in the UK" and "Apocalypse Ready", created the cheap-to-assemble kit which comes choc-full of useful survival tips.

He revealed the gear amid growing tensions with Russia and fears of nuclear conflict at their highest since the height of the Cold War.

Serious interest in potential survival advice is soaring as the world waits with bated breath to see what Putin does next – and if he escalates his brutal war with Ukraine by unleashing a nuke.

Mr Young spent years studying the UK's responses to fears of armageddon during the Cold War, and recently told The Sun Online that the UK is "far less prepared" than it used to be for nuclear conflict.

While he thinks "nuclear war isn't survivable", he says the items in his kit would come in handy in the aftermath.


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In the description for the video shared on his YouTube page, Young explains: "I tried to build a basic nuclear war survival kit using only bits and pieces I could order online from UK suppliers like eBay and Amazon.

"Please note – this is just a bit of fun! You almost certainly won't survive a nuclear war – even with this kit."

In the video, he adds: "This isn't a real nuclear war 'survival' kit, but it might be useful in those circumstances."

One of the most crucial items Young lists is a metal entrenching kit, which he says can be bought for as little as £4-5 off Amazon.

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The handy tool works as both a spade with a serrated edge that works as a saw and includes a compass on the bottom.

Unscrewing the head and turning it allows the tool to be used as a pick as well.

The second key item in Young's kit is a signal mirror with a whistle on the end.

A small hole in the mirror allows you to look through it while signaling at any passing aircraft, while a whistle can also alert those nearby.

They can be bought off Amazon for just £6.24.

And one central component of the kit is a pot of potassium iodide.

I tried to build a basic nuclear war survival kit using only bits and pieces I could order online from UK suppliers like eBay and Amazon

The tablets, which have already been distributed in Ukraine and elsewhere, can be taken in case of a nuclear event to prevent thyroid cancer.

Currently, a packet of 60 tablets sells for around £15.

In the event of any sort of major catastrophe, having access to clean water is a must.

For that reason, Young's kit includes some water purification tablets.

The tablets, produced by drinks giant Oasis, are incredibly cheap, and a pack of 100 can be bought for just £3.95 online.

Each tablet can successfully treat up to 5 litres of water each, making it safe to drink.

Young also features emergency foil blankets, which can be bought for as little as £1.99 each, as part of his essential survival kit.

One of the harder-to-come-by items in the kit is a radiation meter.

The small device connects to your phone via BlueTooth and allows the user to carry out a number of different readings.

His kit also includes a knife which, Young jokes, will "hopefully" only be used to cut things, but "you never know" what will happen in the event of the apocalypse.

Other potential handy items in the kit include John "Lofty" Wiseman's legendary "SAS Survival Guide", hurricane matches, a micro fishing kit, and a pocket torch.

"If it does happen, good luck," Taras says at the end of his video.

Mr Young reminds us that in the event of a nuclear war, no survival kit can truly keep us safe.

He explained he came up with the idea for his "survival kit" while suffering with Covid – and needed a task to keep his mind occupied.

If Putin launches a nuclear strike at the UK, these are the three chilling ways we will be told.

It comes as Britain's top security chief has warned the world is "more dangerous" than at any time since the end of WWII thanks to a range of different threats.

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