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WISH you were hear, hear?

The Prime Minister showed off his beach bod this week as he and wife Carrie holidayed on Greek island Evia.

It’s just one week since the outgoing PM honeymooned in a Slovenian eco-lodge – where he described himself as a man of action. 

He recalled: “We've climbed every available mountain, we've jumped in the lakes, we've been on bicycles and we've had a wonderful time.”

Snapped on the Mediterranean beach with his legs splayed wide, his full body unfurled and his arms thrown upward to the gods, body language expert Judi James says Boris "looks like an attention-seeking child demanding a cuddle" and demonstrates his "unsubtle desire to be the centre of attention".

She adds: "Those trunks are unforgiving and unflattering but in terms of ego it seems style matters less for the PM that the fact that everyone is still looking at him and still smiling at him.


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Boris & Carrie enjoy romantic first dance together to classic party song

"It suggests he is still surfing the adrenalin of power rather than skulking away on the brink of a huge status demotion.

"Even the sight of several younger, fitter guys watching does nothing to suppress his alpha tendencies, with his emphatic, solid-looking leg splay forming a classic power-pose while he raises his arms in the air in a pit-bare to show everyone he still sees himself as the boss.

"Boris’ beach behaviour suggests he still craves the spotlight and the power and might do anything to ensure he retains them, whether that is inside or outside politics.

"Like a competitor on Love Island, Boris might just return from the sunshine break with an unquenched thirst for publicity and attention."

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He’s not the only politician to send a message through their body language on their time off. 

From Kim Jung Un’s jollies to President Macron’s minibreaks, here Judi decodes what these past and present leaders’ hols reveal about them.  

Keir Starmer – Embarrassing dad

He might be wearing a flashy £150 Stone Island polo shirt, but Labour leader Keir is in embarrassing dad mode on holiday in Mallorca.

Starmer looks frowning and intense here in response to what looks like his family’s signals of holiday boredom.

He’s looking like the dad who tries to get the kids to put their phones away on holiday and play I Spy instead.

Justin Trudeau – Playing the clown

The cool shades and kit suggest things weren’t supposed to end with the leader bum-down in the briny. 

Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s boyish smile suggests he’s trying to make the best of the tumble as his legs splay and he loses his balance and his pride at the same time. 

The dimpled, knowing smile suggests it’s not the first time he’s looked like Mr Bean in public, though.

Jacinda Arden – Cute comedienne

New Zealand premier Jacinda Ardern got to grips with some slippery characters on her hols.

The Kiwi PM went fishing with presenter husband Clark Gayford and daughter Neve, four.

This is cute comedy stuff from Arden who looks keen to show her fun side with an emphatically casual outfit to match.

Kim Jung Un – Un a break

Far from his usual serious missile inspections, North Korean despot Kim Jung Un could be at home scoffing cockles or judging a knobbly knee competition at the British seaside. 

With his straw hat, white shirt and chuckling grin, he’s clearly a man who knows how to switch to holiday mode with a vengeance.

His gum-baring smile and that jovial-looking hand on his hip suggests he at least is intent on enjoying his hols.

Theresa May – Can’t let loose

Robotic Theresa May is all business on top and party down below on holiday in Italy’s Lake Garda. 

This suggests the ex-PM is torn between secretly wanting to let her hair down but feeling it might be irresponsible. 

Wheat fields watch out, but those earrings suggest nothing more daring than a paddle in the sea might be on the cards for this holiday.

Donald Trump – Exhausted

It’s Hi-Di-High waisted trousers for Donald Trump on his golf holiday in New Jersey. 

If the former President’s enjoying the golf then his face doesn’t show it. 

His open mouth and drooping eyes suggest exhaustion while that golf iron looks raised in a defensive barrier pose.

Joe Biden – Something to prove

Sleepy Joe Biden got a bit too relaxed on holiday – taking a tumble off his bike near his holiday home in Delaware. 

All that Lycra sports gear and the grinning and waving to the camera from his bike shows Biden uses his holiday time to advertise the fact he is still as fit as a flea.

Age might be just a number but for Biden it might be time for the sun-lounger to beckon.

Emmanuel Macron – Le action man

Zut alors! Adrenaline junkie Emmanuel Macron must think he’s starring in his own imaginary movie in the south of France.  

The French President poses like a Hollywood A-lister as he sports his impeccably tailored trunks, and flashy jet-ski. 

But he has only one thing in common with Tom Cruise – his height. 

Barack Obama – Excelling 

Cool customer Barack Obama shows he’s not one to get flustered – even hanging off the back of a boat. 

That widest of grins showing upper gums as well as teeth shows Obama was able to flip from politician to holiday mode with enthusiasm and confidence. 

His body language looks so congruent here that he excels at kite-surfing in the same way he excelled in the White House. 

Angela Merkel – No frills

No-nonsense Angela Merkel has finally retired as German chancellor but she’s still not relaxing. 

A focused stare of grim determination suggests she is there on sufferance and determined to make the most of her time on Italian island Ischia, rather than just lounge around a pool. 

Even in her rather functional, no-frills swimsuit she fails to crack a smile, looking driven rather than playful or relaxed.

Tony Blair – Chameleon charmer

Known for his wide grin, Tony Blair likes to think he can charm anyone – even the people of Sardinia. 

Chameleon man Blair soaks up the adulation of the crowds to show he can thrive in any situation. 

His rigid, determined smile suggests he’s that guy who will order his pasta speaking English with an Italian accent, throwing in the odd "ciao" to show off. 

David Cameron – Not chillaxed

For someone who likes to “chillax”, David Cameron looks like he’s struggling to unwind. 

You’d never know he was in St Tropez from the no-frills navy trunks and concerned frown on his forehead.

The former leader looks like a man who takes the weight of his workplace responsibilities away on holiday in his hand luggage. 

Margaret Thatcher – Ever the leader

You can take the woman out of Number 10… but you can’t make her any less of a leader. 

Even on her hols Margaret Thatcher looked cravat-clad smart and her immaculate hair still shrieks Iron Lady. 

If there was an ‘off’ switch for the PM version of Thatcher she kept it well hidden – even on holiday.

Vladimir Putin – Vain bore

Putin’s one of those bores who will make you look through ALL his holiday pics. 

The Russian leader emphasises physical strength and power and the military boots and trousers combined with the designer shades and lack of shirt seems to emphasise that.

He’s an alpha hottie – but only in his head. 

Scott Morrison – Confident customer

Former Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s swimmers seem to have shrunk in the wash. 

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